Monday, September 14, 2009

It's Been Too Long...

I used to do this all the time. In fact I think it's safe to say that among my group of friends I was known as the girl who cut up her clothes to make new clothes...sometimes until nothing was left. {Let's just say I can really relate to the children's book Joseph Had A Little Overcoat.}

Start with an oversized ill-fitting t-shirt...

Take it in on the sides, cut out the collar...

Fake-serger the neckline,
add some embellishment...

Ta-da! New shirt.
I got the idea and tutorial for the flower embellishment here and here. {I might re-do it so it's not so arm pit-y}. It was super easy and I plan to try it out on more t's. It would be easy to copy J.Crew looks like these:

--The neckline stretches really bad once you cut it, I had to take it in with some darts on the side. It might be best to fold over and sew first before cutting.
--You can also cut the sleeves shorter to make them capped, but I wanted a longer short sleeve look if that makes sense.


  1. Exceptionally cute.

  2. I want to be you. How would it be to have a brain that turns an ugly t-shirt into a masterpiece? Very cool. One of my friends did something along the same lines {}, although I think I like your flowers better.

    If we lived closer I'd trade you looking in Beanie's ears for cool t-shirts and art.

  3. Anonymous8:50 AM

    You're just simply amazing!! I love it! I need to come and spend a week with you to learn from the master!

  4. That is brilliant! I love the shirt you chose and how it turned out. So hip.

  5. wow, I never would have thought of that. So cute.

  6. I have clothes-altering on the brain as well. Good job!

  7. totally remember you sewing up clothes listening to conference. nice work!

  8. i was thinking about that the other day, and how i could use your skills with a few shirts of mine! ah, memories...

  9. Love it love it love it!! Reminds me of this:

    You and the bean could be twins!

  10. can I be you too? Or, atleast, can I copy you? When are we going to start planning that trip? I keep thinking about it but not following me;)

  11. Az. and Heather--Thanks ladies!

    Alissa--That's a cute idea your friend did...and if we lived closer I would DEF. do that trade with you.

    Cjpope-Thanks lady, you're welcome here anytime.

    Terese and Danielle--thanks. I could see both of you girls pulling off similar things.

    MS--yay! be sure to post it.

    Liz and Care--ah, so glad you can back up my claims.

    Molly--I saw that dress a while ago too! So cute--I should totally make one for Beanie. Good idea.

    Ash--yes. lets get going on this stupid trip!

  12. By the way, just a week ago, I did copy the posy shirt from J.Crew and will post it soon. How fun! Guess I'm not so original :)

  13. I would do anything for your talent!!! Plus, you're a great writer/blogger too :)

  14. I love it! Wowsa. I have that jcrew shirt on the the embellishments but yours looks like it would hold up way better in the wash.

  15. I love it! Some day when I am in the same state as my sewing machine...

  16. Come to my house and make it look cool. Also fix the shambles hanging in my closet. The only talent I have in exchange for this brilliance of yours is possibly being a tester in your kitchen. Just let me know if you're up for it.

  17. i absolutly LOVE what you did to that T! It looks GREAT!