Sunday, September 20, 2009


My friend Likely shared this flickr photostream with me and I haven't been able to stop staring at these pictures. I'm la-la-loving this chick's style. Absolutely amazing. Part of me is not sure I'd have the time and energy to pull it off, but the other part of me says excuses, excuses!

So many of her clothes are vintage finds on etsy or ebay... she has me wondering why would I shop at regular retail stores ever again? Seriously why? So I did a little online searching myself and found this great ebay shop called Violetville. They have some amazing I-really-really-want-these-clothes-now type stuff. Check it out:

The blue one is my favorite. Sigh.

Not to get too serious here, but why don't we sometimes do things that are within our reach, yet seem too 'out there' to actually do? Why shouldn't I take the time to do my hair and wear a really well put together outfit every day? Why not wear a dress, high heels and red lipstick if it makes me feel a little more zippy? What keeps us from making these small changes that although maybe unimportant in the grand eternal scheme of things, could help us feel a little better about ourselves day to day? Maybe it's not style or fashion, but perhaps there's something else you could do, want to do, but don't do--why? Discuss...


  1. Wow, those clothes are amazing. As for "why"....
    I think that for me, wearing something high style and feel good {or red lipstick!} makes me feel good, but also involves a lot of risk. I have to be prepared for people to LOOK at me {good or bad!} and have to be much more confidant than the days I schlep around in my gym clothes. It's exhilarating buy also scary.

  2. I ask myself this every freaking day. I LOVE it when I have an outfit on that is just ME. I love reading a good book. I love being OUTSIDE. All of these things I can do, but right now I am sitting at my computer in shorts from men's gap, a superman t-shirt from the little boys' section of old navy, and converse shoes (also from the little boys section). i did walk to get my groceries today, but other than that, I have been a slave to peter's nap schedule and fill my time with not-so-fulfilling things.

    I'm rambling.

    I think being organized helps. And having a lot of money would help with the clothes thing. But it's a wonderful question...why don't we do those things that make us really feel ALIVE more often? That's why I loved your CREATE something challenge. Oh...there's too much to say on a blogger comment.

  3. I actually get ready and try to look fabulous even when I go to the grocery store since even that is something more than staying home and digging in the dirt all day. The RevoStyler works wonders for hair and, I'm sure you already know about Benefit, a shmear of You Rebel on your face, some mascara, and some red lip liner takes about three minutes, plus two minutes for fabulous hair with the Revo and I'm ready to go. Side ponytail buns always spice up the dressed down look, sexy aprons keep you feeling hot at home and excited to fix dinner for your hubby.

    I also have a suggestion about things that make me feel alive. Watch seeds grow into plants, Read Coconut Oil Miracle and eat more coconut, share fabulous recipes with your friends and loved ones, stop cleaning your house, travel as often as possible, and have lots of cute babies. I couldn't feel more alive!