This Little Miggy Stayed Home: Horseback Riding

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Horseback Riding

{Before I can get to the actual post I have to address 2 issues. First, the vanity issue. I look completely stupid in these photos. I know this. Recently a friend of mine fell off her bike, hit her head, and had a serious health scare so I was extra cautious about wearing a helmet. But...I am the only one wearing a helmet. And I look retarded. I don't mean that in a disrespectful way. This particular horse ranch has weekly therapy groups with a local hospital and I'm pretty sure the only other people who don helmets during their {super slow and very gentle} horse ride are the mentally impaired. Heaven help me, I love retarded people and think they are some of the most blessed souls on the face of the earth and there is nothing wrong with being retarded. There is however, something wrong with looking retarded when you are in fact, not retarded. These are the type of photos ex-boyfriend's hope to run across... proving that yes, they definitely made the right choice. What a geek. Secondly, the if-you're-such-a-safety-nut-why-isn't-your-daughter-wearing-a-helmet? issue. Well she was. For the first 45 minutes. Then after messing with it and demanding it come off, the Mr. took it off for the last 15 minutes. You know, when the actual pictures were taken. Smart move Beanie.}

So last weekend B took Beanie to run a Saturday morning errand. On the way home he called and told me to wear long pants that I don't mind getting dirty and he would pick me up in 15 minutes. We ended up going horse back riding! Such a great surprise. Beanie LOVED it. Could not get enough. As we approached the house at the end of our ride--after a full hour--she kept saying I wanna go again. I wanna go again, dad. The only thing she didn't like was that she had to ride with dad {strapped in the baby bjorn no less}, she wanted her own horse. Such a little cowgirl. It was so beautiful and really fun.

Nerd Alert

At last, my own steed. Giddy-up!

A Saturday well spent.


  1. I am amazed that the bean can still actually FIT into her baby bjorn!! You guys look so cute on those horsies. What beautiful woods, too:)
    Can't wait to talk to you soon!! I am waiting to tell you some special news:)

  2. You were so far away in the pic, I couldn't get a huge peek at that stylish hat----could you do a close-up please?

  3. Aw, stop. You look cute in everything, even a helmet.

    I think I could use a ride on a horse right about now.

  4. all this nerd alert talk and all i could think was that i'm sure you looked smashing nonetheless. and then i saw the photos and thought, OH, she does look nerdy. and then i laughed. and then it made me love you more. i love it all!