This Little Miggy Stayed Home: Surburbia Myths De-bunked

Friday, August 14, 2009

Surburbia Myths De-bunked

I have a dishwasher and my kitchen is not any cleaner. In fact, I submit that my kitchen was easier to keep clean when we washed dishes by hand. I know, shocking. I suspected this might be the case as in college I encountered a similar irony--the houses I lived in with dishwashers always had messier kitchens than the houses I lived in without dishwashers.

Here's the problem: When we washed all our dishes by hand we used the same 2-3 plates all the time. Used a plate. Washed it. Put it on the counter top dryer and grabbed it again for next use. When the dish rack got full { all 10 dishes} we put the dishes away in about 25 seconds. Sure the washing dishes takes a little longer, but it didn't stunt the entire process. Now, NOW... we wait for an entire dishwasher to get full. Emptying a full dishwasher is a 5+ minute job. Sometimes you don't want to empty the ENTIRE dishwasher just to put a few dishes the dishes go in the sink. They pile up. And then you've got an even bigger job on your hands.

If I sound ungrateful I don't mean to, I just mean to say are you serious??? Friggin' dishwasher lies. It's like finding out money doesn't buy happines.... ridiculous. So for you New Yorkers dreaming about the dishwasher days, just stop. You're not missing out I promise.

Just saying...


  1. Good to know. I'm in my third year of a dishwasher-less household. How about the myths of garbage disposals?

  2. Soooo true. Though even without a dishwasher, I'm lousy at doing dishes. As for the garbage disposal-- we almost never use it. What's it for, anyway? You can't put anything serious down there without worrying about clogging the dang thing up.

  3. I'm so glad that you post about these types of truths that I often think about as well and agree with! You've done that several times now!

  4. This is good for me to know. Very good.

  5. Amen! I'm trying to convince the Mr. that we should stop using ours. I'll have to quietly direct him to this post...

    PS love the banner. It makes every holiday better. Thanks!

  6. Wow. I thought that a dishwasher would seriously secure my eternal happiness. I might have to think about that again. think. think. think. Pretty sure I still want a dishwasher.

  7. I'm with you on that one. A dishwasher is superfluous, but oh how I love the garbage disposal.

    Shoot me an email and give me the Miggy update. You were in Justin and Amelia's ward? Were you in the same ward as Dave Webb? You probably don't remember, but he's the guy I went to the Monster Truck Rally with when we dressed up as white trash. I saw him in their ward when we went and visited them a few years ago. And was it you who was in my sister's ward/stake? She was never very clear about it, but said she's met someone I knew.