Thursday, August 06, 2009


I could use some opinions on this chair...I like it, but I'm not sure it's a living room chair, which is what I want it for. If the base were wood instead of metal I think I'd be sold. Could this, would this look good in the living room? Opinions?

{This isn't the best picture, but gives you an idea of the you can see it's not huge. Not small, but not huge.}

And while I'm here, is anyone else having problems getting on to Etsy today? I've been having problems with that in general lately...


  1. i totally dig it. true, it would be more living room-ish if it had a wooden base but i still think it's cool and i'm sure it would fit nicely with the rest of your house since it's definitely your style. is it comfy? i vote yes.

  2. like it. metal legs and all.

  3. Its really cool, but yes, I would probably like it better if it had wood legs, but I am much more traditional than you!

    By the by---you've got an award over on my site---come on over!

  4. looks a little office-ish. If it had wheels then a definite no, but it might work. I would like wood legs more too...

    You could totally make it work. I really like the tufted back. You will just need to bring the metal in somewhere else --- maybe a metal crate with books or blankets or a metal can with umbrellas or maybe metal frames or containers.

    just thinking..... I like things in threes. triangles. maybe three metal objects.

    I'm crazy. I know.

  5. I adore that chair.

  6. Love it! So living room, so you. Of course this Merback girls would always ask the price and then it worth THAT much? I would pay a decently pretty penny for it but not a GORGEOUS penny for sure. I vote...yes