Friday, August 07, 2009

Mon Petit Artist

Although these are not the first "potteries" Beanie painted, they are the first completed work we have back from Happening, Inc. {our favorite local and free art center for kids}. Daddy and Bean went to Happening, Inc. on a Saturday when they were actually throwing on the wheel... lucky little gal. I didn't throw my first pot until high school or maybe college. I think Dad did most of the making of actual vessels, while Beanie was the painter. I love them--they're absolutely perfect.
And as if this place couldn't get any better these little dishes are fit to eat on--microwave and dishwasher safe! What? I know!


  1. Wow! Those are great. I love great kid art. By the way, I cam over from Shawn's blog.

  2. ONly your kid, Amy! Those are so great! How have I missed that you had a blog for so long! I can't wait to partake of your creativity! Love ya and MIss ya Ames!