This Little Miggy Stayed Home: I'm a Big Kid Now

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I'm a Big Kid Now

See that Little Mermaid princess doll Beanie's proudly holding? Well she earned this little gem after 28 successful trips to the potty! She has since earned her second and last princess doll and completed the entire potty chart for a whopping 35 trips to the potty! {FYI there were 5 prizes total--only 2 were the coveted princes dolls.} So with our new found potty talents we went and bought some big girl underwear. It was going really well until right before bed she announced she had to go.... apparently she meant rightthisverysecond. Next time, babe, next time.

We're so proud.


  1. Can she come over and teach Eli? He's been potty-trained twice, then regressed. Come on! He's 3 1/2! Oh well, I hear boys are harder and we want to wait til we get settled anyway. At lest this is what I tell myself.

    PS - I went with the big coat (negative 30 degree protection) - thanks for the help! Yeah, I figured there wasn't a chance wool could stand up to the NYC winter. I'm pretty sure I won't care if I look cute when it's that cold, but I am excited to wear sweaters again - one good thing about really cold winter, right?

  2. Abbie--She is SO FAR from being totally poty trained...we're just excited she could complete a potty chart. She wore big girl pants for a couple hours yesterday and is back in a diaper today. I'm scared to take the plunge since we'll be out of town in a couple months...I can just see a huge regression with that, so I kinda want to wait. {And good job with the warmest won't regret it.}

  3. we are using jelly beans instead of princess dolls, but other than that, we are right there with you guys! Graham goes to the potty every morning really well, but then wants a diaper in the afternoon:)
    At least the poops seem to come in the morning, eh?:)
    Well done, Pen!!!

  4. Anonymous8:30 PM

    It's so hard to believe she's that old! Sounds like you've already got the potty training thing down like a pro... I really don't like potty training :)