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Friday, July 31, 2009

Favorite New Places

Another favorite new place in Cincy is...lets see, how do I's a small place located in a bigger place. The bigger general area is called Winton Woods. The smaller place located in Winton Woods is called Parky's Farm. It's exactly that--a farm, a {small} farm where kids can run around, play on the playground, see the animals, pet the goats, ride a horse or pony, water the vegetables in the garden, and even eat food off the vine providing it's ripe. {Today a volunteer helped me pick beans to take home--usually they ask that you don't take food home so everyone can enjoy, but he insisted it would just go to waste. Score!} Most of it is free--'nother score! Beanie and I have yet to tire of this place.

My favorite part is the huge garden {pictured below}. They have several small watering cans for kids to fill up and water the plants with. On our first trip a volunteer told me how kids just love watering the plants and could do it for hours. She's right--Beanie has never stopped watering on her own--I always have to drag her away. Here are some pics.

{I love this flower bed}.

There is something so beautiful about fresh air, gardens and wide open spaces.

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  1. Anonymous8:25 PM

    all those gorgeous, fun pics make me wish Brandon could find a job there and live by you guys! Words I cannot use on my posts, but wish I could are: fresh air, gardens, and wide open spaces! :)