This Little Miggy Stayed Home: Family Update

Monday, July 20, 2009

Family Update

The mom:

Mom has been spending lots of time in the studio. Not much painting has been accomplished yet, as my focus has been on sewing and other projects. I'm trying to get lots of stuff in the shop in hopes of making some extra cash flow to fund the upcoming trip to Denver! {I even sold a tent last week!} I'm super excited for Denver as I haven't been home in almost 4 years. 4 Years. Additionally there has been plenty of mommin' it up these days now that the Mr.'s got himself a full time job. Full time mom duty has its perks {like the cute times pictured above} and its drawbacks {I really hope there aren't any pictures of the poop on the floor yesterday}. Fortunately we're enjoying the explorations that a new city brings.

The Dad:

Oh this one...he has been a busy camper {and he still manages to look that good...Dang!}. Dad is embracing his new career and doing a fine job. He's a doctor now {I heard him call in a prescription the other day and identify himself as such} and where much is given much is expected. He is learning that it's not all glamour and glitz. Screaming kids, needles and being on call--what a combo. The other night he got called in around midnight. He gets home at 2am only to get another call at 3:30 and the lucky-duck headed right back to the hospital all over again to finally get home at 5am for a good nights sleep. Ah the life... of course I thinks he's a great dentist but some people think he resembles this guy a little...

The babe:

Finally, the star of the family...the little wee one... as you can see she's taken up horse back riding. Well at least the occasional pony ride. She earned a prize last week by getting 7 stickers on her potty chart and is only 1 stickers away from a second prize! We're mighty proud. She's making some new friends in our new city, but clearly still misses her old pals. Ever the adventurous spirit, she continues to make mad dashes for the busy street on a semi-regular basis. Fortunately, she also continues to subsist on a daily nap and an early bedtime...truly the saving grace of my sanity. She is also quite the little talent! During last weeks family home evening lesson--aptly on talents--Bean took to the stage and continued to impress us with numerous song and dance numbers--one right after the other. {To be completely honest, I suspect most of them were made up on the spot.} My favorite songs were Caterpillar, Apple, and the one about mom.

The End


  1. Yay! So good to get an update! We all miss you around here. The other day your name came up at a picnic with friends and jake said "man, that was one cute kid" we all agreed and tisked at the good times.

    Congrats on the doctor status. That must feel like sweet success after everything.

  2. Good to get the update- I've been thinking about you guys!

  3. Nice to see the update---I have been absent for a while---so am trying to catch up!

  4. Reagan--aww that warms my heart. We can't emphasize enough the fact that what we miss the most are the peeps from NYC.

    E--ok, is this Erin in NYC or Erin my sis-in-law? I can't link to your blog from your name...either way thanks for thinking of us.

    Shawn--good to hear from you again. It's been a while!