Tuesday, July 28, 2009


For some reason I forgot to post some pics of the couch we ended up getting. We found this beauty at a local antique store. It was a steal and I love it. For a vintage piece it's in amazing condition. I wasn't crazy about getting an {almost} white couch but down the road I think this would be a great couch to recover. Unfortunately it's rather lonely in our almost empty living room, but hopefully we'll be able to build a lovely looking room around this couch. If anyone has any great decorating ideas I'm all ears.

{For those of you who remember that blue couch I was in love with...well it was actually gone when I wrote her back or I would have gotten it. But the lovely Nia has a similar couch for sale on etsy right now if you're interested.}


  1. Oh my! I think I like that couch better than any of your previous options. Stunning!

  2. I love it!! It looks so great! I can't wait to see the rest of your house as you decorate:) We sure do miss you guys!

  3. it is AWESOME. beautiful lines. is it comfy?

  4. Thanks guys! I appreciate the positive feedback.

    Suz--we miss you too!

    Liz--it's actually really comfy.

  5. Anonymous12:46 AM

    That is a great looking couch- so you too! I miss you guys... especially that cute little niece of mine :) You'd be proud of me ( I think) I bought my kids some air drying clay and they worked on it for over 2 hrs. making their creations... just trying to bring out their artistic side, and inevitable it reminds me of you!

  6. miggs! wow, looks like you have been up to lots of fun as usual. love the couch. we sure do miss you guys. beanie has already changed! congrats on the upcoming visit home.