Monday, June 22, 2009

Keeping Score

               New York City                 vs.                 Cincinnati

Being within walking distance of at       Big new house that I love with 
       least 6 parks/playgrounds.                   lots of space.  

Seeing friends of me and Beanies                     Free Parking!
  just walking around the 'hood.

Huge, awesome city with tons to     Pretty sweet zoo and amusement/
    do at a moments notice.                           water park.  

    Lots of friends we miss.                          Just planted a garden.

Sounding super cool when I say                 My husband is not the Young 
   "I live in New York City."                              Men's President. 
Did I mention friends?  Yeah I                  Really, really good ice cream.
         miss our friends.  

Always takes more time to get            Always takes less time to get   
somewhere than you think.                        somewhere than you think.     

   Umm, it's New York City.  

I'm trying to love our new town and I'm sure I will {about the time we'll be packing up to move again I suppose} but it's hard to let go of New York City.  There are definitely pros and cons to both, but for right now I'm sorta wishing I was back in the 'hood taking Beanie to the park where we'd be sure to see at least 3 of our friends playing there too.  Cincinnati has it's perks, but when you're up against New York City it's hardly a fair fight.    

I heart NYC 4-eva.  


  1. I clicked on over here from The Jet Set.

    We moved last year from Westchester to Utah. sniff, sniff

    I miss NY every single day--enough to induce tears.

    Everyone says it takes a year. Who knows?

  2. Aw. Jessica and I were just talking about you guys today. We miss you. Sounds like Cincinnati has some great things though. Good luck with your garden.

  3. Cafe--Ah yes. So you know EXACTLY how I feel. In fact I loved going up to Westchester... I don't just miss MYC, I miss the surrounding areas as well.

    Malesa--warms my heart to hear that. :) Did you guys move in yet?

  4. I helped the Brinton's out a bit on their big move into your old home. It was sad and crazy. I will not let them moving there replace you guys at all, ok? Ok.

  5. It's not the same here with out you! The city feels different now.

  6. You know, Chicago is about 8 hours drive away. Come on over!

  7. Kendra, LMT, Erin--I miss all you girls. Want to come hang out some time? :)

    Mo--Uhh, that's a great idea. We've actually been thinking about a road trip.