Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson: A Miggy Retrospective

I'm's got to be done

 Music has been a life long passion of mine.  Love it and can't live without it.  I know most of you can relate.  Over the years I've loved lots of musicians, bands, and genres.  But the very first singer I ever called my favorite was Michael Jackson.  I remember this well during 1st grade, I would proudly proclaim to any and all who cared that Michael Jackson was my favorite singer.  I talked about Michael Jackson being my favorite singer all the time.  One day I was talking to our downstairs renter {my grandparents had an apartment in the basement of their house they rented out and for some reason this apartment often seemed to be rented out to single women with cat/s.  I believe this particular single-cat-lady was named Linda} and I asked her who her favorite singer was, I told her mine was Michael Jackson.  I don't remember what she said, but I remember being a little disturbed that her favorite singer was not MJ.  Not disturbed really, but confused.  I didn't understand.  I didn't know there was a choice to have a favorite singer besides Michael Jackson.  I also remember practicing the Moonwalk with my brother and my 2 cousins.  We of course could never do it right, but that never stopped us from trying.  All the time.  All the freaking time.  Additionally I remember being a little shocked when my mom told me that she used to listen to Michael Jackson when she was a little girl.  What?  Not only are you telling me that you were a child once, but that Michael Jackson was also a child and that he sang waaaaaaay back then too?  Sorry mom.  Not buying it.   

But of course, no child of the 80's grew up without some major memories of Thriller.  When I was in pre-school I remember playing Dukes of Hazzard--I was Daisy of course and my 2 little friends were Bo and Luke Duke and somehow I always ended up in Boss Hogg's jail-- but as I got a little older, it was all about Thriller.  Us girls would fight for the part of MJ's girlfriend in the movie, or the girl he takes to the movie {you follow?}.  We would dance during the dance scene and it seemed like we could never watch that video enough.  Then of course came The Making of Thriller and just like our parents worried they would, our eyes became glued to the TV.  Loved it all.  As I grew older I came to believe wholeheartedly that almost any Jackson 5 hit will turn a dwindling dance party around immediately.  I put this theory to the test numerous times in college and it never disappoints.  I Want You Back is a sure bet.   

Of course later in MJ's life came the molestation accusations, plastic surgery, bizarre behavior, and general Wack-O Jack-O stuff.  I can't necessarily vouch for his personal behavior and actions, but as an entertainer and someone who helped create the soundtrack to my life he will be missed.    


  1. Oh, the making of Thriller. Do you remember when he put in the contacts with cat eyes? That was so CRAZY that you could put things in your eyes like that.

    Yesterday as Brandon and I listened to "Human Nature" on the radio, I looked at him and said, "I am actually really sad he's gone." I feel that his recent behavior became the first thing I used to think of, but it's sad we won't have any more of his music.

  2. Human Nature is one of my favorites as well. I could watch his stuff over and over until about the 1990s. Have you seen his live performance from Motown's 25th anniversary right when Billie Jean came out? (it's on youtube) Maybe the most precise, elegant pop performance I've ever seen.

  3. Britty--

    Yes I DO remember putting in the crazy cat eye contacts. And I remember them doing a lot of stuff on the dancers...and all the make up and costume that went into Thriller.

    Ellen--Yeah Human Nature is a good one. I need to download it. And Yes I also watched that performance of Billy Jean--isn't that the first moonwalk? It's amazing.