Thursday, June 11, 2009

Brazilian Lemonade

In college I worked as a bartender at a popular Brazilian restaurant.  {I know YOU know, but some people might not know...}.  Whenever I told people what I did they often asked Do you know how to make the Brazilian Lemonade?   Rather than saying No I don't... I'm the only bartender that doesn't actually know how to make the lemonade, luckily they have a Brazilian lemonade maker come in to help me with that task, I usually just answered Yes.  So today I'm going to share my Brazilian Lemonade making know-how with you.  This is a great summer drink to keep in the fridge and take to the neighborhood BBQ.  Here we go.  

First thing to note is that BL is actually made with limes, not lemons.  {Apparently, they don't differentiate between lemons and limes down there--they use the same word for both.  Trust me when I say that's not all that's crazy about those Brazilians}.  

Secondly, here's what you need to do the job:

First cut up all the limes--probably into quarters.  Usually you just leave the skin on and blend up everything, but since your blender isn't going to be as good as a restaurant one I recommend cutting off a couple of the lime peels.  {Not all of them, part of the taste is using the whole lime}. 

Now you're going to do this in 2 batches--so 3 limes at a time.  Put 3 cut-up limes in the blender, add 1/2 cup of sugar, and about 2 tbls. of sweetened condensed milk {the secret money ingredient!}  You'll want a total of 3 cups of water for the 1/2 batch {6 cups in total}, but don't pour it all in the blender!  Remember your blender is a piece of hud compared to the restaurant blender--seriously, I don't care what you spent on it--so if you add all the water it's just going to spin it around really fast but not actually blend anything so only put about 1/4 cup of water in the blender and give it a good blend.  Let the blender run for a minute or two.  

Now put your fine mesh strainer over the pitcher and dump the lime mixture in.  {Please don't try to use a colander for this or you'll have chunky lemonade}.  Now take the remaining water--2  3/4th cup--and pour it over the lime mixture in the sieve to get all the good limey, milky, sugary stuff out--like this:  

Repeat that process with the last 3 limes, sugar, SCM and water and you'll have a pitcher full of  amazing and creamy Brazilian Lemonade.  That Brazilian Lemonade even looks good with my cluttered kitchen counter in the background.     

Dang, that is good lemonade!

*If you want it to be stronger, use less water.  It's a good rule of thumb to start out with less water, you can always add more later.  
*Feel free to use more sweetened condensed milk.  The original recipe only called for 2 tbls. for the whole batch but I often used more.  
*If your blender isn't blending the limes very well try cutting them up more, and using less water to blend.  I would keep a couple extra limes on hand for your first batch just in case you need to add a little more flavor.  
*I hope I'm not making this sound too complicated--it's not.  It's limes, sugar and water!  Go make some!  


  1. I'm so glad you posted this! Ever since we lived together in Provo, I've been wanitng to try and make this! Yay!

  2. I'm going to Brazil in August---should I ask for one of these?

  3. Do you think the vitamix is up to the challenge of the limes? I want try this recipe...sounds divine.

  4. Miss Summerson--yay! Well now you have it.

    Shawn--That's awesome! Definitely on our list of places to visit...just make sure they don't use part vodka part water {unless you're into vodka...then by all means}.

    Queen Scarlett--I'm not sure...what is vitamix? I would try just limes first...but I'm sure some vitamins won't hurt. :)

  5. SORRY! This is Vitamix

    I'm going out to get me some limes baby. This just looks too darn good.

  6. yum! i miss this miggy special! that and sweetened condensed milk with fresh pears always make me think of you.

  7. My husband is a Brasilian. I haven't made this in so long. Looks great!