This Little Miggy Stayed Home: Beanieisms

Monday, June 22, 2009


She's growing up fast and talking even faster... here are a few of our favorite recent Beanie quotes.  

Beanie eating ice cream with sprinkles.
Beanie:  I love sprinkles on my ice cream.  It's so good.  For me.  It's delicious mom.  

Dad giving Beanie a bath.
Beanie:  Daddy, wash my cute little body.  

Beanie hugging mommy tightly.
Beanie:  I love my mommy.  

A few hours later...
Bean hugging daddy tightly.
Bean:  I love my da-da.  

Beanie is in the middle of a screaming tantrum...suddenly she stops...
Bean:  I want to be calm.  I want to be calm...
{I was mighty proud of her for that one--shoot! I have a hard time being calm when I'm all worked up.}    

And our personal fav...

Beanie toots.
Dad:  What's that? 
Beanie:  My bum bum talking.
Dad:  Oh yeah, what did it say?  
Beanie:  Hmmm... I love Nephi.*  
Mom and Dad:  {Cracking up}

*For the non-Morms out there Nephi is a prophet from the Book of Mormon.  


  1. Those are so so great. I think the number one thing about parenting I'm looking forward to is funny kid quotes. The calm one is hilarious! Miss you guys.

  2. Anonymous3:58 PM

    those are all too hilarious! I can totally hear her little voice saying those things :)

  3. BAAAHAAAAHAAA! Those made me laugh out loud- especially the calm one and the Nephi toot... oh my gosh. Hysterical.