Sunday, May 24, 2009

Moving with Toddlers

I don't think anything has hit Beanie so hard in her short little life as this move.

She's ticked.

Mood swings galore! {It's like toddler PMS}

We've given her free reign over her binkie. {I heart regression}

Melt down after melt down after melt down.... and then a punch in the face to mom.


I don't blame her. Moving is hard on adults. Then you take a toddler and throw her into the same situation us adults are going through {a chaotic* house! stuff everywhere! It's all changing so fast! I can't find anything!} and take away the adult mental capacity to deal with it {this is only temporary. we'll be in a new house soon. we'll miss our friends, but we'll see them again. we'll make new friends. our stuff isn't gone, it's in the moving truck.} and well it's all very confusing. Her poor little world is coming apart at the seams.

I think the saddest thing yet was the day we sold her dresser. As the couple was hauling it away and she came running out saying That's my dresser! Where my dresser go? That's my dresser! Of course she burst into tears. I almost did too. I would be pretty upset if someone just started hauling all my stuff away with no explanation. It was awful. I felt like the mommy gestapo.

Of course we've been talking at length about moving and our new house and all that...but there's only so much she can grasp. When I told her we'd be flying on a plane to our new house in Cincinnati, she said No. Just walk. It's not exactly down the street kid.

In the long run, I know she'll be fine. But in the meantime if anyone has any advice I'm all ears.

*speaking of which, I have never understood why chaotic is spelled like that. It looks like chow-tic. Kaotic looks like' chaotic'. Stupid.


  1. Anonymous12:52 AM

    Oh, that does tug at the heartstrings when I think of her missing her stuff and then watch her dresser go out the door! I love how little ones' minds work. The only suggestion I can think of to get settled in, is when we have changed beds/rooms with our kids, we have bought them something new for their bed (like a Dora pillowcase when Nit loved Dora) and that has helped them want to sleep in a new place. Good Luck with everything!

  2. Chaos?

    Blame the Greeks.

    We're about the face this same dilemma. I hope Proximo handles it OK.

  3. Well, I moved my children about every two years. And they survived.

    My little guy had to go to three different schools in one year. He was a little trooper, though, and as long as he had those few things that he loved around him at night---you know, the blanky and each and every stuffed animal, he was ok....

  4. Ahhh...I feel your pain. We went through those same motions as you described when we made our first move. And I have used the phrase "Toddler PMS" probably since Ella was at the age of 2 as well :)
    Just know that someone will be waiting in Ohio for you to arrive and welcome you and Beanie just like you welcomed us a year ago! You and Jessica really gave me some helpful info. of things to do last summer, in the area so I wouldn't go stir crazy! Ella and Paisley just loved seeing and playing with Beanie in the garden, which helped with our transtion as well.

  5. Jena went through the same thing - and dealt with it with a profound stutter, on and off for a couple of weeks. Noah's dad assured us that it was completely normal - expected, even - and sure enough, the stutter is now gone.

    The best advice I can offer is routine, routine, routine. If you have night-time rituals especially (i.e. bath, lotion rub down, story, singing, hugs, bed), stick to them in full force! Routines breed familiarity. When I travel with Jena, that's what always keeps her even-keeled.

    Wishing you a good move and a blessed transition. xo

  6. You are so good to recognize her feelings. I never thought of what it may be like for a young child to move. You are such a good mom. I am really going to miss you when I am wanting cool/good mom role models. Can I still ask you questions. If we both have similar moms I bet you could really help me out. haha, but seriously.