Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I'm kinda mad at you...

If you're one of the people who knew that No Doubt was going to play on The Today Show last Friday and didn't tell me, well then I'm mad at you and we're in a fight.  

We're not talking anymore.  

I can't even look at you.  

Just so you know, Gwen's probably mad at you too.  She was probably expecting me and I wasn't there.  You let a lot of people down man.   

Not cool.    


  1. I hope that I didn't fail you, in that I watched the actual show, but that I didn't know about it ahead of time:) I hope that you and Gwen can get past this...

  2. What!!???!

    I didn't even know. I am just as mad/sad. I wish you hadn't told me. Waaa! I am just glad I saw No Doubt perform on American Idol, at least.

  3. Hudgi--

    Well it's close...but I guess you're not in the wrong. I guess....

    LMT--Yeah. Missed that too. Someone please lift up this rock that I've been living under.

  4. Sorry....

    Didn't know.

  5. didn't i see beanie there? i think it was beanie. that cute little brain is pretty wily.

  6. Shawn--OK you're off the hook. :)

    Andrea--It wouldn't surprise me one bit...Beanie would totally be there in the front row wearing a t-shirt that says "Kingston's Future Girlfriend"