Thursday, May 07, 2009

Holy Jamoli

As sort of a last Hurrah in NYC I've been itching to take a Trapeze class.  Ya.  Trapeze.  Like in the circus.  In the air on a flying bar thing-y.  Some friends of ours went a couple months ago and loved it.  

So we're giving it a shot.  
Tomorrow morning.  

*unfortunately our class won't be outside like the photo above--but they open up their outside classes May 15th if your interested. 


  1. DUDE, that sounds kind of....FANTASTIC!!!

  2. I just drove by an outdoor trapeze school in downtown Baltimore last weekend and I told David I would love to do that. He just smiled. HAlf smirked. I am glad you are doing it. You have to spill out the details. Please wear some crazy outfit.

  3. I am so jealous, that sounds like heaven. must tape.

  4. total jealous! everytime i drove by there i wanted to take a class! hope you have fun

  5. oh my gosh!! I'm soooo jealous! We are sooo doing this! I'll have to ask you all about it and get the stats!! Amazing! Hope you have sooo much fun!

  6. So it was really, really great everyone. I highly recommend it.