Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Couches Sofas and Sectionals

I need some opinions.  I don't normally ask for opinions on these things because, if I'm going to throw down some money on a big price item then it had better be for something I love, and if I love it I know it and I don't need to be told so.  But I'd like some opinions here.  Just for fun. 

#1. I know you can't see the whole sofa, but it's a white wooden frame with a light blue wool.  
Kinda makes my heart go pitter patter.  

#2. This next one isn't the exact sofa, but it's just like the one below only in a yellow linen instead of greenish leather.  
I really like it, but maybe not as comfy?

#3.  Finally, a basic but very nice, sleek and practical sectional.  
And it might not look it, but it's very comfortable...and did I mention practical?  

Thoughts, feelings, advice.... 


  1. i tend to be a comfy, practical gal but i vote for #1. love it! if i could keep it clean i coulnd't live without it! good luck.

  2. I really like #1, it just seems to suit you.

  3. #1- love, love, love. Wouldn't work in my home, but it would make me stop in my tracks to admire.

    #2- I like that it's a statement, but it sure doesn't look comfortable. I tend to live on my couch. Love those skinny legs, though.

    #3- I like how versatile it looks- I'd want a peppier color, though. If you go with practical, maybe you can make it the blue of #1 or the yellow of #2?

    Can't wait to see what you decide on!

  4. I am your most practical reader. I would prolly vote #3. Especially while you have little kids.

  5. Amberli and Az--Yep. Love it too and it IS me.

    MS--I wish I could get #3 in a different color, but I can't...

    Er--I know, but in some ways it's more practical but it still seems to stain quite easily. I do like the idea of cozying up on the couch and reading...it's a great lounging couch.

    what to do, what to do...

  6. Well, hello. I really love #1 but depending on how much seating you have, I would go with the practical, accommodating #3. Bit I really love #1. hehe... good luck!

  7. 1 or 3 depending on what style the rest of your furniture is. however, i think 3 will stay in style longer than 1. but i think it seems more you.

  8. if 2 is the anthro couch it is actually SUPER comfortable and i wish wish wish i had it in yellow linen. the only thing is that it is giant- the legs don't come off and i think that its 36" at the smallest point so you really have to make sure your front door is wide enough.

    and i totally respect all of the very valid opinions on comfort, but i always base my decisions on what i'm going to love looking at every day:).

  9. I LOVE the first one---especially if you got that cool antique house! It would look sweet in there and the color is so cool and soothing----love it!

  10. I am with Kendra. Buy what you love to look at. Make strict rules about The Bean only eating in the kitchen and not having food in that room with the couch. That is what we do anyway.

    Me, I would go for one or two. Two different looks, but I think they are both you. One is more feminine and the other more retro/vintage. And you are feminine vintage. I am curious as to what the price difference is.