This Little Miggy Stayed Home: Trip Re-Cap

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Trip Re-Cap

Geeze, you can only have a toilet picture at the top of your blog for so long before you really need to do another post... sorry.  

California was everything I hoped it would be.  Relaxing.   I spent time with family and friends and I don't have one picture to show for it.  And I'm kind of glad.  Sometimes I feel like I'm more concerned with getting the right photo than I am with actually enjoying the mission accomplished.  Moments enjoyed.  All I did was hang out and talk.  Went to dinner a couple times and that was pretty much it.  The rest of the time was spent reading, sleeping, lounging and recouping {I was a tad sick the first few days} and I loved every minute of it.   Thanks to my friends and family for letting me crash and chill--sometimes simultaneously.  

While in Cali I read the new book about the Columbine tragedy, aptly titled Columbine.  I grew up minutes from Columbine High, so that story has always been of interest to me.  I have to say, while the book is well done and interesting, I sorta wish I hadn't read it.  Oprah was supposed to do a 10 year anniversary show a couple weeks ago and ended up pulling it last minute because she felt it focused too much on the killers.  That's exactly how reading the book felt to me as well.  Of course I understand that the author's intent was to finally give an accurate portrait of what actually happened and finally dispel all the myths surrounding the situation--and he does, he does it well--but I think it's best I steer clear of the diary rantings from a deeply disturbed psychopath.  That word 'psychopath' gets thrown around a lot these days, dude that guy was being a complete psychopath--but one of them was an actual psychopath in the clinical definition, and the inner workings of his mind are not something I want to expose myself to frequently.  So yeah, informative but dark.  

So now it's on.  The move that is.  I told myself the day I got home from Cali we'd get our packing frenzy on.  Packing, purging, listing stuff on Craigslist.  Hasn't happened.  Haven't even started.  But did manage to squeeze in two episodes of Gilmore Girls tonight with Andrea.  Priorities.  I've got 'em.   

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  1. I have the same struggle when on a trip-- take pictures or just enjoy the moment? I always wish I had more photos once I get home, but I can't deny that it was liberating to leave the camera at the hotel for the last half of our NY trip.

    Girl, you've got great taste- if you're giving anything up, let us have a chance at it before you list it on craigslist!