This Little Miggy Stayed Home: Ah Monday...

Monday, April 13, 2009

Ah Monday...

Soooooo the house may or may not go through.  Awesome.  The inspection turned up some costly repairs....well not exactly repairs, but if we want to be able to wash our clothes in the house then someone is going to have to cough up some money.  Lets hope it's the seller.  

I ended my clothing fast today.  Remember that?  It really wasn't that hard.  2 months of no new clothes for me.  Eh.  Technically it ended the 1st of April, but look at me! I made it another 13 days.  I think 6 months would be a real trial of will and sacrifice.  While I think 2 months wasn't all that hard and I think I should challenge myself a little more, I'm not sure I'm ready for 6 months.  I was sorta hoping for some sort of enlightenment during the whole process, like an ah-ha moment of some sort.  Didn't happen.  It only ended today because I saw some cute Gap jammie bottoms on sale.  I don't know, I could always give it another 2 months... maybe.     

On a more exciting note, my brother and SIL were in town this past weekend and we had a lot of fun.  It was cool showing them both the big city for the first time.  The highlight according to my brother?  Trying to buy purses on the black market in Chinatown... secret passage ways and back rooms.  It was pretty awesome.  Hopefully I'll have some pictures up soon!  

*fav picture of Beanie from this weekend in front of Grimaldi's.  I think she's doing the robot.  


  1. oh, no---not the way cool house! That would really suck major...

    Hope you can work things out!

  2. That pic is incredible. She looks amazing! Ha!

    Good luck with the house stuff- I hope things work out smoothly for you. I really do.

  3. Yeah I'm hoping the house stuff works out too....

    **keeping fingers crossed**