This Little Miggy Stayed Home: Under Construction

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Under Construction

The drilling is one floor above us.  A jackhammer and a saw.  It's so loud that we can't hear each other talking when we're in the same room.  We have to SPEAK UP.  It's so loud that I couldn't even hear Beanie trying to tell me something when she was ON MY LAP.  It's THAT LOUD.

So how in the world is she napping through this?  

*photo courtesy of flickr


  1. What the heck are they drilling?

    Do you have a headache?

  2. Wait, you know Julia?? Sorenson?? Connection.

    This means your safe.

    Let's play. I'm not really even kidding. Have you been to Kitchenette on the UWS? Morningside Heights? Yum.

    (PS - so sorry about the construction. Not fun.)

  3. Email me??

    Any of your days work great...