This Little Miggy Stayed Home: New Tents! New Tents!

Monday, March 16, 2009

New Tents! New Tents!

I'm so excited to finally be debuting not one, but TWO new play tents in the shop!  I can't decide which one I like more--I think they're both unique and they each have their own flava'... ya know? Since the fabric was more costly on these 2 tents the price went just up a little, {but the black and red tent is being sold at a discount for a measuring mistake on my part}.  So please check them out and spread the word!!



  1. miggy, I don't have your email, so sorry for threadjacking.

    First of all, if I had the dough, I would be scooping those tents up! AWESOME idea, love the fabric.

    Second, I want to invite you and your friends in your hood to join my team for the Revlon Run/Walk.....

    try this link

    and spread the word......

  2. super cute. send those over to design mom!

  3. So cutie! I wish that I had someone to buy it for, but I will definitely pass it on---great idea!

  4. Thanks Ladies for the support.

    SKT--good idea, I should send them over to design mom...I want to get some better pictures up first.

    Kage--I would love to do the Revlon run/walk if we're still here (we're moving soon) I should hop on over to your blog to tell you...

    Shawn--yeah! Spread the word!