This Little Miggy Stayed Home: I was going to blog today....

Friday, March 13, 2009

I was going to blog today....

{Pictured above:  cookie dough therapy. I might need some today.}

I really was.  That was before my day started sucking.  Allow me to elaborate.  

I trekked 9 blocks to where our car was parked only to discover I left the keys at home.  So I walked 9 blocks back to get the car keys {once our doorman opened the door for us since I forgot the house keys as well--haha} and 9 blocks back to the car.  Which took a little under an hour.  AN HOUR.  I would have scrapped the errand all together but we needed milk.  I didn't need milk, but the husband is practically a cereal-tarian and the toddler still drinks her weight in whole, so selflessly I trudged on.  I'm not gonna let a little I-forgot-my-keys sitchy-ation set me siree. 

In hindsight, however, I should have called it a day.  

After the grocery store, I didn't have time to take the grocery's home before Bean's Dr. appointment--poor little gimpy has been limping for a couple days...thought we should get it checked out... again, with the selfless thing--but luckily the temperatures are still in the cus-inducing frigid 20's, therefore I knew my milk wouldn't go bad in the car.  That precious, precious milk.  

Unfortunately my parking spot did go bad.  By like 6 minutes.  Ridiculous.  So ridiculous in fact that I followed robo-cop for 10 blocks until I could hop out of my car and ask about the {&$#*} $100+ dollar ticket.  I kindly explained that I was in the Dr's office having my baby examined and that while I understand we can only double park during the street cleaning times it was merely 6 minutes after said time that I received this ghastly ticket and couldn't they do something about it?  Dr's office.  Baby.  6 minutes.  

Apparently not.  

The rest of the details are much less glamorous but involve unloading groceries, a screaming toddler and a mom who is fit to be tied.  

So yeah...I was going to blog about some cool stuff but this is all you're getting.  So you better shut up and like it.  

{I need a laugh.  I'm going to listen to this now.}


  1. Dude. I am sorrier than I can say....I hate suckage. I mean, 6 minutes? Give me a break, heartless policeman! If it makes you feel any better, I have failed in my quest to eat only one dessert a week. I just can't justify downing an entire can of reddi-whip. Oh, how the mighty have fallen. Okay, maybe that doesn't make you feel better. As I type I realize that eating a can of reddi whip does not equal a @#$&!! +$100 parking ticket. Nevermind.

  2. Oh no!!! I had the worst day ever also---Friday the 13th---loser holiday---what can I say? Check out my blog to see why I'm a bit depressed today.

    As for those fffriiigggin parking people---hate that!!

    Its the gift that keeps on giving...




  4. I was going to whine about how I was shouting your name from the park as you walked by (btw. Graham was also shouting your name:), only to watch you continue on your way, but I now know that you were on a very difficult mission! I am so sorry that your day was a stinker!
    Does it help to know that I was shouting your name all over the Heights?:)

  5. Thank you all for your sympathy. We've all been there right?

    AG--you saved the day with your thin mints. They're almost gone.
    Shawn--I need to read your post! And duh! Friday the 13th--no wonder.
    Kage--exactly... so many things so indicative to NYC. Hiking to the car, traffic cops...

    Hudgi--Yes it DOES make me feel better knowing you were calling our name! Especially that Graham was...dear heart.

  6. WE ARE LEADING PARALLEL LIVES!!! Except for my incident was Wednesday, included going to the library, not being able to print documents to the library printer, taking half an hour to remedy that and STILL leaving without my copies. Then a dental appointment screening and also, yep, a parking ticket because it took longer than anticipated.

  7. Parking Tickets are THE WORST! And for a measly 6 minutes! He's a major dork-face.
    I remember trying to help a friend out by swiping the both of us through the turnstile with my card (he was short on fare and the machines were broken) only to discover an undercover cop was standing right there and slapped us both with $60 dollar fine. So much for being friendly.

  8. I'm sorry. Days like that are no fun at all, especially when you have a sad little lady with you. That just compounds the misery. Hope the rest of your weekend is better.

  9. In hindsight these days are always so hilarious though and give other people good stories to listen to! Thanks for sharing:)

  10. thanks. thanks so much for helping me feel normal. the crazy days and the self-medicating with cookie dough.