This Little Miggy Stayed Home: The City vs. My City

Friday, March 20, 2009

The City vs. My City

I just finished the season finale of The City and man does New York City chew you up and spit you out!  I have no doubt that Whitney will rise above all the lameness and Olivia will will rightly drown in a shame spiral of her own making.  {Seriously, why do people lie when they're being filmed?  Hey Olivia, I think people are gonna find out you didn't pull the look when they watch you on TELEVISION.  Those cameras that film you, ya they go to the television.  Weird huh?}  

Luckily that is not the same New York City I know.  If Whitney wants to have an easier time in the NYC I have one suggestion.  Have a baby.  Ever since having a baby, I've been exposed to the softer side of New York and I love it.  I love that I became a mom here.  From day one of Beanies life this city turned into a mushy gushy baby lovin', mommy-helpin' city 'o sunshine.  The cashiers that used to ignore us at the supermarket were now all smiles and giggles.  Always, a God bless her as we checked out...or even just walking around the neighborhood.  Seriously I'll never get over hearing God bless her as we walk by total strangers.  People holding doors and helping me carry the stroller up and down the subway.    

As Beanie is not a baby anymore we don't see that same adoration quite as much, but it's not so rare either.  Just today on the subway a man pulled out his guitar to sing to his fellow city dwellers.  I smiled.  I will genuinely miss my commute with all these wonderful, crazy people.  After the musician was done singing and collecting tips a man called him over to us...this man handed Beanie a quarter and told her to put it in the musicians bag.  She did.  He smiled.  I smiled.  He said, supporting the arts, with a grin and got off the train.  

I'm gonna miss this town.  



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  2. Julianne--

    Hey lady...that was me on the subway this morning. Yay for moms in NYC. Love it.

    (sorry I deleted your comment, but I try to keep our 'real' names off the blog, esp. Beanies. :))

  3. oh sorry, this is Migs...logged in under the Mr's account...

  4. Great insight into New York---who would'a known?

  5. Oh, this post gave me warm fuzzies! I love when a tough 'gangsta' helps me carry the stroller up the stairs. It's true, New Yorkers have a soft side.