Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Will the Real Stars Hollow Please Stand Up...

This post has been a while in the making {I know you don't care} but problems with blogger have prevented me from being able to upload pictures {again}. It's important to note that this post will only interest you if you are a Gilmore Girls fan.

N.E. whoo... so my friend Andrea {'sup} is the person I credit with introducing me to this fine TV show--heretofore known as GG.  Being the GG nerds that we are, Andrea and I decided to take a day trip to the real town that the fictional Stars Hollow is supposedly based on. The real town is called Washington Depot. {Got that? fake town = Stars Hollow, real town = Washington Depot}. Of course this trip had to be documented.  In truth I didn't really expect it to look like Stars Hollow, I was just hoping to see some similarities in the towns mannerisms, if you will. It didn't disappoint.

First up, right when we pulled into town there were posters advertising a town family dance.  Oh that is SO Stars Hollow.

Next there was the city hall.  Classic SH.  

Probably my favorite picture was of this sweet lady {Maude?  Louise?} selling tickets for an upcoming Valentine's Day activity outside the local grocery store.  Again, this was just screaming Stars Hollow.  
So we walked around, checked out the bookstore, ate, saw some interesting people and some peeps who totally fit certain GG characters and that was it.  We went home.  Mission accomplished and we were feeling good about our little adventure.   

On the drive home we took a different route than the way we had come...and as Andrea and I were in the midst of deep conversation I spotted the following scene out my car window and practically screetched to stop.  

We were in Stars Hollow.  The real Stars hollow.  A gazebo in the middle of town with houses, stores and shops all around.  This was too much.  I half expected to see Kirk running around the gazebo with his shirt off or some sort of nonsense.  I liken this experience to one of those children's Christmas movies where the main character is someone who no longer believes in Santa Clause and all that Christmas hoopla, but somehow they end up at the North Pole only to see with their very own eyes that Santa is real and the north pole truly does exist.  Yeah it was sorta like that.   

Then, as if it couldn't get any more real I see a Lane Kim look-a-like pushing a stroller down the street {yes I know she's not actually Asian, but if you don't click on the photo it looks just like her}.  

I also bought a sweet little souvenir to remember my day in Stars Hollow...but that will have to be a different post all it's own.  And finally, perhaps most amazing of all, Stars Hollow was also the magical place where I witnessed Andrea eating vegetables.  Like Stars Hollow itself, I wouldn't have believed it if I didn't see it with my own eyes.  


  1. That is too awesome that you went there. I need to take a road trip there myself one day. I had no idea that there was anything similar to a Stars Hollow. Good detective skills :)

  2. OK, that was really fun, and the town park is UNREAL!

  3. I'm so glad to find this. I am such GG fan and currently we're on our fourth time of going through the whole 7 seasons. We're on season six at the moment so sadly there's not far to go. I can't slow down the watching process but equally it's so sad that we're nearing the end.
    I'd love to visit there but we're in the UK! Hell of way to travel. And even after what you've written I'd hate to be disappointed. I can't believe the way it ended there was so much more that could have been done. my husband said the ending wasn't planned, he read that somewhere. But GG's not at all popular over here so we don't get much information.
    We did start watching Bun heads but it was nothing compared to GG. I really enjoyed your comments even though I don't know how old they are, I hope there are more.

    Bye for now,
    Bridie Davies.

  4. The gazebo photo is from New Milford, not Washington.

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