This Little Miggy Stayed Home: Self Imposed Shopping Ban

Monday, February 02, 2009

Self Imposed Shopping Ban

I've thought about this post for a long time.... this has been months in the making, so here it goes.  I've decided that I have enough clothes, and right now I don't need any more.  Thus I'm instituting a self imposed clothing-ban for 2 months, meaning that I'm not going to buy myself any new clothes during said time period.  I don't know that I'm one of those girls that absolutely LOVES clothes and LOVES to shop, but I am a girl and therefore I do like clothes and do like shopping.  Why am I sharing this particular goal?  I guess for accountability... if it's in writing {and on the web} then it's a done deal.  

Part of this decision stems from some sort of old fashioned ideal I have in my head ...sorta like the use it up, wear it out, make due or do without mentality that our grandparents grew up with.  There's just something about that idea that resonates with me.  Not only do I think it teaches self discipline, but I believe it also fosters creativity.  Additionally I think there is something cathartic that can happen when we strive to rid ourselves of the fluff in life and make a deliberate turn towards the substantial and meaningful--we'll see if it helps.  Anyway, Internet, I just thought you should know.  


  1. This is a great idea.

    You should check out the blog Simple Lovely. One of Joslyn's resolutions was to not buy anything for three months and now she has a support group of 50 other bloggers. Awesome.

    Hopefully it will inspire you:

    p.s. We got tix to Mates of State in April. Tickets are NOT clothes. : )

  2. oops, my last comment didn't post, i don't think...

    anyway - just little amen to your shopping ban. i love the "use it up, etc" motto and say it to myself often. some how it really makes me feel liberated, hard to explain...but i love it! sometimes it feels so good to just say no and realize that my life will go on just fine if i don't have XYZ.

    more power to you!

  3. oh this post is the story of my life...i am especailly feeling the same way as we pak up our place to move...i just want it all to disapear...but I keep buying more!

  4. hardcore awesome!!! i support you wholeheartedly!!!! I love that idea, of using what we have.

  5. yes yes yes. get creative is right! Have you seen the link on my sidebar about turning thrifting finds into hot dresses? You could totally do it.

  6. Fantastic. And maybe, like me, super cute hand-me downs (FREE!) will come floating your way. (I think it's because I'm short and small and when people "out grow" their clothing or they accidentally shrink my friends think, " will fit Molly, the midget"). But in any case, I love hand me downs and garage sale clothing. Throw it out there to the universe and maybe a pile of goodwill in your exact size will show up on your doorstep.'s happened to me more than once. (more than 5 times). Weird. and free.