This Little Miggy Stayed Home: New Identity

Monday, February 09, 2009

New Identity

Have you ever toyed with the idea of creating a new identity for yourself?  Like if you're moving to a new location where no one knows you and you could totally start fresh?  Like maybe you want to try a different style or a radically new haircut...or... a new name.   

I had that chance once in the 4th grade and totally blew it.  See in the 4th grade my family moved to Denver CO.  It was a little exciting and scary since I had lived in small town Nebraska for all of the childhood I could remember to that point.  Nebraska was so cozy and safe to me that I actually thought I might have lived during the 1950's... like I was actually confused on that point as a child.  How could I not live in the 50's when all the houses were straight out of the Wonder Years, everyone drove old cars and I remember hearing The Beach Boys constantly?  Seriously, I was confused.  So anyway, Denver seemed big and scary... but as my mom was taking me to school to get registered she turned to me as asked if I wanted to go by my middle name.  My eyes widened.  Yes.  Yesyesyes.  For those of you that know me in real life my first name is common and boring.  Guaranteed you've known at least 5 -10 people with my first name.  But my middle name is Mignon {Miggy. duh}.  It's french.  It's exotic.   And for a little girl who totally had a plain-jane-Ramona-Quimby complex this was the answer.  So we changed it.  And I introduced myself as Mignon to my new class.  I had instant street cred for a fourth grader.  I got so many questions!  Yeah it's french.... the 'g' is silent....etc.  But here's where I blew church that same week, I forgot....and I introduced myself as BORING NAME MCGEE.  So at school I was Mignon and at church I was Boringname.  Dilemma.  To be honest it was harder than I thought to remember to answer to Mignon.  And for some reason I would have felt more stupid asking my church friends to call me Mignon.... So I just figured I better stop the charade and go back to being Boringname.  I was this close to a totally different life!  Seriously!  What if I had always been Mignon???  Who would I have met?  What doors would have opened?  I'll never know.

But now a similar opportunity lays before once again.  We're moving in a few months and though it's too late in life to change my name, what if I take my love of old-fashioned fashion to new heights?  What if I wear an apron everywhere I go {I once predicted about 5 years ago, that aprons, as fashion would be in...still waiting on that one}?  What if I wear red lipstick and a fancy hair piece all the time like those fancy divas pictured above?  I mean I know I could totally do it now {and I would have no qualms really}, but there's just something about a fresh start.  



  1. You're funny Miggy. I love when you tell stories and I already know the ending before you get there. I just know you so well!

    I'm am SOOO sorry I've been a bad friend in not calling you back already. Forgive me. Things have been SO crazy setting up Brandon's practice right now. And, I am out of minutes on my cell phone for the month. Hate that. I really want to catch up soon, so I'll give an email with details. Love you!

  2. I totally thing you should. I mean your still now...or as I remember it from the Y days, pretty hip. Super trendy...just keep it up and add a couple more things.

  3. This is so funny and I think everyone can relate. I always thought Katie was "boring mcgee" as well, haha. Never mind the fact that everywhere I went (church, school, sports) there were at least three other Katies. Some family members call me Kate so when I started writing I decided that would be my byline, Kate McNeil. Sounds so much more grown up. But people never caught on with calling me that so I'm back to introducing myself as Katie but writing as Kate. It drives me insane.

    I'm like you and I LOVE a fresh start. I love the fashion ideas and I think you already dress super hip so you can't possibly screw it up! You'll be the coolest girl Cincy's ever seen.

  4. that's so funny. when i was in third grade i moved from boise back to CA and that's when i made the transition from "Amber" to "Amberli." i just started using amberli instead and now only people who knew me pre-third grade ever call me amber. sad that mignon had less success. however, i like your "boringname" so don't worry. and i vote for red lipstick and head pieces!

  5. love this story! fancy hats and red lipstick, huh? love it. LOVE IT!!! i agree with kate, though. i think you're already superhip. maybe even waysuperhip. yeah, or awesomelywaysuperhip. that's about right.

  6. Yes! Use your exotic name! I love the name "mignon" as you know---my little puppy has that name---it is the coolest name.

    I have moved sooooo many times in my life and I would sometimes color my hair a different color---that way no one would question why---loved it!

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