This Little Miggy Stayed Home: Love Letters

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Love Letters

{I think this post is going to be most interesting to myself.  So if you're not me, I apologize.} 

As briefly mentioned in my Stars Hollow post, I bought myself a souvenir to remember our little trip.  Old Love Letters {yes those love letters pictured above}.  

So it's like this.... we went into a little antique store.  I noticed several little bundles of letters sitting around the store as Valentines decorations.  I inquired about these letters and this is what the sales lady told me.  They found these letters in an old trunk.  Piles and piles of them.  Hundreds of love letters from one man all to the same girl {the lipstick kisses were added by the sales lady fyi}.  They were difficult to read {his penmanship made it difficult, not the content}, but from what she had gathered he was a professor or student at Harvard and she was just some girl he was enamored with.  Her assessment was that they were not sleeping together because the letters just seemed a little too boring for that sort of hanky-panky.  Haha we chuckled... {lady it was the 1940's not everyone just jumped right in the sack}.  Anyway, I was intrigued, so I opened up a letter to read...and right away I was struck with the date... February 8, 1941.  I happened to be reading that letter on February 7, 2009.  Almost 68 years to the day!  {cue Twilight Zone music} SOLD.  I just had to have a little piece of someone's life from 1941 so I bought them.  The questions I have regarding these letters are endless.... how did they meet?  Why did he write her daily?  Did they end up together?  Did they grow old together and have kids and grandkids?  Does their family know about these letters?  And the fact that the letters are from Cambridge, Mass just make it all the more perfect... a little Dead Poet's Society if you will.  

Not too long ago my friend Heather wrote a wonderful post on The Apron Stage entitled Far Flug Romance:  Tales from Kazakhstan.  {Heather used to live in NYC with her beautiful little family, but they are now experiencing life in Kazakhstan}.  Her essay talks about the romantic notions she had in her head of living abroad in Russia... notions she encouraged by reading great Russian poetry and literature as her "preparation" for life abroad.  The reality, however, has been a little less romantic.  I share this same tendency to romanticize, but what I romanticize the most is the past.  Like if I had been a house wife in the 1930's or 1940's--oh what a charming life I would have led.  I would sew all my children's clothes, walk down to the local drug store for some penny candy, gather eggs from the chicken coop, sit around the radio as a family listening to our favorite program, and so on... Of course I would never leave the house without pearls and lipstick and my hair pinned up in curls under a pretty little hat.  More than just the look and feel of those times, there is something that beckons to me about a more simple way of living.  Living before TV, the internet {both things that I love, mind you} and all the modern hoopla makes life somehow seem a little more desirable.  Like Heather, I'm also positive that the reality would be quite different from my fantasy world {no air conditioning or washing machines??}.  But in my mind there is something about the past that I will always romanticize and these letters just serve to further convince me that I was born in the wrong decade.  

So that's the story of the 1940's love letters that came into my possession on a road trip to the make believe town of Stars Hollow.  Rather fitting I think.


  1. Thank you for sharing, and thank you for the testimonial!

    p.s. i want to talk to you more about stars hollow

  2. C+KW--no prob! And you guys should totally go up there, we didn't get to see enough {antique stores everywhere!} and it was beautiful. In fact we should go together!

  3. My sentiments exactly! I know I romanticize the past far too much. In reality, the 30's and 40's were more full of rationing and losing ones brothers, sons and husbands, but in my head it is always populated by glamorously dressed women dancing with men in dashing hats. ;) Love the letters-- I wouldn't have been able to resist, either!

  4. Oh, and no I didn't see biggest loser yet! I'm off to check it out now, since you've got me curious.....

  5. are any of them interesting/lovely enough to post?

    even small quotes?

    such a cool valentines prize

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