This Little Miggy Stayed Home: Late 90's

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Late 90's

Remember this old Gap commercial?  


Tonight I was just messing around on itunes when I came across Operation Ivy.  I immediately had to down load the song Bad Town.  JOY!  I was instantly transported back about a decade to my late {ok mid} college years when ska was the new alternative music and swing was in.  One of the most overlooked underrated time periods for music and style is the late 90's.  Oh I loved it!  So I just went on a downloading spree and got some classic ska, swing and punk songs I used to love.  And while I wasn't really known for being a swing dancer, I loved it.  I loved it so much that about 5 years earlier before the big swing revival I took swing dancing classes with one of my besties in high school.  I remember seeing the movie Swing Kids in high school while it was still in the theaters , I was a regular at the swing dancing club in Hawaii...and occasionally I found time to get my swing on in Provo.  In fact, that's one thing I made my husband promise me before we got married...that someday he would take swing dancing lessons with me {I haven't forgotten Sweets}.       

Anyway, here's a quick run down of the bands on my new play list for anyone interested: Operation Ivy, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, Blink-182, Reel Big Fish, Brian Setzer Orchestra, Rancid, Sublime, early No Doubt, Dance Hall Crashers, Mad Caddies, Save Ferris, Pennywise, and even some Pixies and Alkaline Trio for good measure. 

I know some of you are right there with me... what are some of your fav songs from the late 90's?  


  1. I totally remember that commercial! In fact, J and I first met at a swing dance. I still have my two tone dance shoes, though it's been a few years since we've stolen the show with a few aerials of our own. :) My favorite swing music: Anything by Indigo Swing. Their stuff was written for dancing. Non swing stuff: I still listen to Torn by Natalie Imbrulia, "The Way" by Fastball, and everything on the City of Angels soundtrack....

  2. ah this does bring back good memeories. i love all the bands that you listed and now i'm blasting stray cats and having a little dance party with atticus. i also loved my man friday back in the ska days! so great!

  3. Mig,
    I am a swing dancing champ.

    Well, country swing. They hold it here in Ogden every week and I love it. :)

  4. I loved the "Mighty Mighty Bostones" and "311" back in the day, along with a healthy dose of Phish and Lilith Fair-woman-music! Haha! What a crazy decade! You are right about it being an awesome time for music!
    My sister used to do swing-dance exhibition performances at the local mall with a friend, and they dressed in period costume and everything! She was getting tossed all around:) Thanks for the reminder!

  5. I totally forgot we did that together! We were the only 2 not in arelationship or middle aged. I remember having to switch off dancing with the male and female instructors. Man, good times!p

  6. I love Swing Kids. And I too made my husband promise to take me swing dance. Still waiting.

  7. Oh man!! Save Ferris, Pennywise!! Reminds me of my first car! I love it. I didn't know you were a swinger:) Jordan and I just went for the first time in about a year a few weeks ago! We should go sometime together!!! Tough with the babes, I know, but we should figure it out. Have you been to the Frim Fram here? Anyway, LOVED your post:)

  8. Dropkick Murphys, before they got a new lead singer.

  9. Erin (the colbys)-- I would LOVE to go swing dancing with you guys...seriously we should plan it. We can totally just get a babysitter.

    Aubrey--doesn't surprise me... I almost went to a DKM show once, for some reason it didn't work out and I was a little relieved--I was scared I'd get beat up.

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