This Little Miggy Stayed Home: Banner in a Box

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Banner in a Box

Since Beanie's birthday is just around the corner{2!}  I've been doing some shopping for the big day trying to find a cute happy birthday banner that is reusable and gender neutral.  I happened upon this beautiful alphabet garland box that has 36 letters so you can customize a banner for every occasion.  Even better! I love it.  Sadly, I can't find it anywhere....seems to be out of print.  It's called the Parlour Magic Alphabet box--let me know if you find it!


  1. You just got a blog award! Head over to to go pick it up. I picked you because i love reading your blog!

  2. Oh, torture! I hate finding something, only to learn you can't have it. Love that black and white... maybe I'll construct something similar for myself.

  3. ummm.... make one????

    Did you see the one I made for Swabbs for his birthday??? I loved it. So very very easy to make. I think the one I made is pretty neutral. Bright colors, but neutral just the same. Maybe just type birthday in the search bar--- it was in October.

  4. Actually I did make one similar to this a while ago--the letters were found on Martha Stewart. It was a downloadable template and you could print out the letters, cut them out and string them on ribbon. But I wanted it to last so I {gulp} laminated it with contact paper. Instantly tacky. So I could make it again from Martha's letters, but its just a matter of getting thick enough paper, cutting it all out, making enough letters for mulit-purpose use and storing it in a cute box so it doesn't get messed up...or having it all done for you for only 12.99!

    But I probably will make it myself.