This Little Miggy Stayed Home: ND Tour

Monday, January 12, 2009

ND Tour

Finally.  FINALLY.  No Doubt will be on tour and putting out a new album in 2009. Thank you.  Don't get me wrong, I love ya Gwen, but musically I think you do your best work when you're with the band.  Their last album was in 2001, so it. is. time.  If anyone wants to catch a ND show this year {your little sister perhaps?}, I'm down.    

I really love that picture of them....don't you just love that picture of them?   


  1. I'm down. I'm seriously down.

  2. Well said about Gwen musically better with her band. So, TRUE. I have been looking forward to this reunion. I won't be missing it. Let's go. I'm down!

  3. I'm so excited too. When I first heard they were getting back together for tour and an album I totally thought of you and your love for them!

  4. Reagan--alright. I'm taking you up on that (if we're still here when they come to NYC that is).

    Yeah I'm glad they're getting it back together...they actually were never broken up, just taking an extended breather. I might cry if they break up...although if they keep it going as long as the Stones have without making a graceful exit at the appropriate time I might cry as well...

  5. I LOVE No Doubt! I'm so excited that they are touring this year. Thanks for giving me the heads up.

  6. Anonymous4:00 PM

    Was that an invite?? Your little sister is down...just so ya know!