This Little Miggy Stayed Home: Mug Shot

Monday, January 05, 2009

Mug Shot

I'm loving these retro melamine mugs I scored over the weekend while thrifting just north of the city--they are the ideal size for hot cocoa.  And I really love that there are 3 teal mugs, 2 pink mugs and 1 grey mug.  Perfectly imperfect.    


  1. where did you end up thrifting? i'm going a little today, but i was thinking of getting you and kendra up here late this week.

  2. I went to Terrytown/Sleepy Hollow...I'd been a few times there before, but also found a couple new places. I'm definitely up for going later this week!

  3. Hey girl! Cool blog! I've been reading your past posts and I love it. That tent you made is killer. I also love those mugs. I miss the city for those special finds. The best score I got was a free $1000 pottery barn crib we found in the gutter in SoHo. After I scrubbed it down it looked like new! I love rich people's garbage:)