This Little Miggy Stayed Home: Home Organizer

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Home Organizer

I spotted this home organizer a couple weeks ago and have been coveting it ever since.  It's a notebook for receipts, owners manuals, warranties, etc all in once convenient place.  And for someone like me who has receipts stashed everywhere, this is really appealing.  Sure you could make one yourself with a 3-ring binder and some dividers, but it's much prettier than anything I could slap it retailed at most places for $16.00, but I found it here for $12.71 plus free shipping!  Yeah... I just ordered it... you should too.  


  1. That's really cute - but it wouldn't even hold a fraction of our owner's manuals. I keep those in a storage box. But looks great for receipts - I always save mine because I always end up returning something. Coupons would be good too.

  2. Don't do coupons, have too many receipts, but I love organizers! Might just go for it---thanks.

  3. Ellen--agreed...I doubt it will fit all our owners manuals, but I'm excited to have something for all the random paperwork in this household.

    Shawn--exactly right? It's an organizer? I LOVE organizers! I'll take it.