Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Aspiring Model and Abstract Art

Sometimes this little silly bean gets all serious on us during picture time...she turns into a very serious model. {with a very serious binkie addiction...what is it with models and addictions?}

And she really likes to pose next to chairs, which is soooo model-y. {perhaps she has seen this in a catalog?} In this particular ensemble, styled by her father of course, she is wearing an H&M tutu, paired with an Old Navy swimsuit. So fashion forward, yet classic at the same time. She really knows how to bring this whole look together.

Also, sometimes blogger likes to take normal looking pictures and turn them into serious works of modern art. {Yes those were normal pictures below that blogger messed with....anyone else see this kind of avant garde work on your blog?}

We're very serious around here today.


  1. haha, I love the accesorizing in this shoot.. Binkis are going to be the next big thing. Darling.

  2. LMT--I have a good binkie connection if you want me to hook you up. :)

  3. So I bumped into your old roommate Aria at church. She's in 1st ward; I'm in 2nd. Small world when you're Mormon!