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Sunday, December 21, 2008

This and That

Beanie likes to hit my boobs.  In front of people.  I usually just ignore it and she stops, but sometimes it's hard to ignore and the more I try to get her to stop the funnier she thinks it is and the more she tries to hit my boobs!  Only she doesn't know them as boobs, she knows them as breasts (you know, using the correct names and all) and while it's somewhat embarrassing I can just sorta laugh it off and say oh she's so obsessed with my boobs! haha because it's like 2008 and people really don't care...but what if I was a mom in the 1950's and I was supposed to be all know like I wore a hat every time I left the house, with my pearls and white gloves because we were just all proper like that?  So I'm a proper 1950's housewife and my not quite 2 year old daughter starts fondling me in public, how would I have handled that?  Or even worse, in the Victorian era... I mean really what did those moms do back then?  I mean showing an ankle was considered obscene I can only imagine the kind of outrage blatant boob hitting would have caused!  So yeah... Beanie likes to hit my boobs.    

Last night we had the missionaries over for dinner.  After dinner they gave a short lesson on faith (for you non Morms out there this is a typical practice for missionaries always have a lesson of some sort when you have them over for dinner, even if there aren't any non-Mormons present.  So if a Mormon invites you over for dinner with the missionaries and they give a lesson and you think oh great, here they go trying to convert me...well, you'd be right, but just know it happens to us as well).  And of course it's an object lesson.  They love object lessons.  So, they have this tea bag that they ask me to hold in my hand and they're going to light it on fire.  {It's hard to explain, but you can watch a video about it here.}  They told me that if I moved my hand the tea bag would drop and set our rug on fire, but if I had enough faith that my hand wouldn't get burned.  But see, there was a problem with their tea bag, and long story short...I got burned.  Not badly, but it hurt.  Of course this had NEVER happened before and they were SO sorry.  Whatever.  I actually thought this demonstration-gone-awry was more accurate than their original object lesson.  Sometimes our faith requires us to get burned, a lot of times it does hurt.  Luckily it didn't require my rug getting set on fire, or I would have gone ballistic on those missionaries.  

Finally, as I was laying in bed last night I was recalling a memory from my early childhood... I remember watching TV and seeing a movie about spiders {this was looooong before the movie Arachnophobia}.  Anyway, I remember there were spiders on the road and all over beds and just all over this town ...spiders, spiders, everywhere!  I have to say my memories are usually pretty accurate, but still a movie about spiders taking over a town?  Turns out I was right...and once again my memory was pretty accurate.  Check out this trailer for Kingdom of the Spiders starring William Shatner!  {And then think about the poor children cast in this movie forced to work with tarantulas crawling all over them.  I can't even imagine the cost of that therapy bill}.     

Happy Monday!


  1. Thanks for your thoughts. I think your right and sometimes we do have to get "burned" in order to learn faith.
    Very funny about the boob hitting. What would we have done back then?

  2. That tea bag story is hilarious. One for the grandkids.

    Back in Victorian times, didn't they all have wet nurses, so they would be hitting their boobs? IMaybe I'm not totally clear on the details, but I think if you were a proper lady, your nanny would be out walking the baby, not you. Sounds wonderful and horrible at the same time.

  3. You are so cool for talking about the 'boob fixation'... My youngest did a 'swift' grab on any female who had a convenient shirt...shoouup...down the front for a quick squeeze! At least Beannie is just doing it to you! And the teabag thing!!! How hysterical! I loved your tie-in to how faith sometimes does! Maybe you should call the missionaries and tell them...they could use it in case it happens again! lol! Those poor husband is still traumatized from his mission!! They were lucky to get you for dinner!

  4. so, it took me a second to realize that your first boob story was not related to your second burn story and i was for sure waiting for you to say that the beanie hit your ninnies while you had a burning tea bag in your hand and you flinched because that's what happens when boobs get boggled and then i thought you were going to drop the tea bag and light your house on fire. i'm real glad that wasn't how it all went down!

  5. Ellen--Good point...wet nurses...why didn't I think of that? And even for older toddlers, I'm sure the nannies were with them 90% of the yes, most likely not a problem.

    Megan--wow! a quick squeeze on any female...much more embarrassing! That's hilarious.

    Amberli--yes, that would have been a much funnier story...but I'm glad it didn't go down like that either. :)

  6. Anonymous12:22 AM

    I can hardly picture moms carrying around their kids in the Victorian era, but now that you put that picture in my mind along with the boob hitting, I am totally lauging! No wonder we can't be so proper these days - we have to actually carry our kids around ourselves instead of having nannies. :)
    One more thing (since I didn't get to talk to you today). When I asked B what I should get you guys for Christmas, he said not to get anything and he would take care of it. Well, he forgot he said that so when the DE-licious cheesecake came he asked what we got you and I reminded him of our conversation. OOPS! So he told me what he meant to get you guys and we quickly bought it online and it's on its way. So, sorry for the delay but it's all B's fault! :) But he did put much thought into the gift because it's 2 things that he liked and thought you guys would like them too! Merry Christmas!

  7. Oh the boob thing! We were in sacrament the other day. The bread was being passed and Sofia yells "momma boobies" and yes, I turned bright red. THEN, we went to the Oakland Temple (if was Christmas eve so it was so busy) and we sit down to listen to the missionaries give a little xmas talk. Sofia yells "Jesus has boobies" really loud. Awesome.