This Little Miggy Stayed Home: Christmas Pictures

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Christmas Pictures

Just a little mish-mash of Christmas pictures for those who might be interested... and I know you are all interested...

Helping mommy with dinner

Beautiful Bean in her Christmas dress

Proudly displaying the ornament she made

Huzzah! It's Christmas!

Checking out the loot

With Grandpa and Grandma on the Top of the Rock

The Girls

And finally...
as we were leaving downtown we spotted someone very special in Beanie's life.
So special in fact that we had to
stop the car,
jump out,
and give Elmo a great big hug.
{and a small tip for his time}

It was a success!  We had a great Christmas and feel so grateful for all that we have been blessed with. Thanks to Grandma and Grandpa for joining us on Christmas--for making it special for Beanie and for being so generous to us.

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