This Little Miggy Stayed Home: The PERFECT Dining Room Set

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The PERFECT Dining Room Set

I've been meaning to post these pics for a while...about a month ago I was trolling some antique/thrift stores a little north of the city when I stumbled across this dinning room set.  Love. At. First. Sight.   I believe it's Danish.  Do you see those modern sleek lines, and TEAL leather chairs?  Teal leather???  I about died.   I just HAD to have it.  

Then I saw the price tag...$12,000?  

No thanks.  {But I will always love you I whispered on my way out the door...}


  1. Gorgeous. Simply gorgeous.

  2. oh man i hate how they pick some arbitrary price. i was at the DI last week and there was a leather sectional sofa there, super ugly, for $1000. At DI. all the other sofas were like 10 or 20. people are nuts. i was laughing so hard.

  3. so gorgeous. that's how vintage shopping always was in the mission district in SF. i'd fall in love only to realize the imported vintage furniture was $7,000. just for example.

  4. I would want to eat all the time on that!

    Hey, are you getting my emails???

  5. this might be my favorite post so far.

  6. I'm glad you all agree...

    so you wanna go in for a group gift???

  7. Anonymous6:42 AM

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