This Little Miggy Stayed Home: Monday

Monday, November 24, 2008


A couple weeks ago when I found my keys--now dubbed The Magic Monday--another magical occurrence took place that day.  If you're familiar with J. Crew you probably know how amazing their coats are.  I've had this little aqua number for years {pictured below} and it's in great condition, other than the lining which was ripped badly throughout the coat, including holes in the pockets.   Don't ask me how exactly I pulled this off--because I wasn't trying to pull anything off--but one minute I was calling J. Crew to ask them a question about my beloved blue coat and the next minute they were offering to pay for a new lining in said coat!  

I just got the coat back from the tailor {and I spoke with me peeps at J. Crew--check's in the mail so to speak} and it looks like new!  

It's just another magic Monday....ohhhhhh...

{Seriously it was kind of a fluke thing...I don't think they'll be offering that again anytime soon, but if you're really interested I'll tell you the whole story...}



  1. oooh love that coat! if they accidently send you another one can you give it to me and will gladly accept it as a bday gift

  2. I will take a magic monday over a manic monday anytime!! Haha.
    I love seeing that picture of you and Ms. Bean. She was the smallest walker in the world:) I also remember how much the hunched-over-walking-with-an-almost-toddler hurts!! Whoa!
    That coat is the perfect color!