This Little Miggy Stayed Home: Milestones

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


My baby doesn't look quite like herself anymore.  Unlike other bumps and bruises, this one is a little more lasting....She chipped her tooth.  SAD.   
{two little mini-chicklets}:

{one sad little mini chicklet left}:  

It's rather noticeable.  The whole bottom part of her right front tooth is gone.  Of course we are fortunate in that her papa is studying to be a pediatric dentist...I knew just where to take her.  But still...there is something so sad about seeing such a permanent mark left on your baby.  A little reminder that says I'm breakable and that hurt really, really bad.  It's the bumps and bruises in life that shape and mold us into who we are.  I know this is pretty minor in the scheme of things, but it's also the first accident to leave such a lasting mark--at least until the tooth falls out when she's 7.  She's still as cute as ever, it's just going to take a little time before I look at her lone tooth smile without feeling a little sad.      


  1. Oh, poor beanie!! I hope that it didn't hurt her too much:( She still is a beauty of the ages, and at least she didn't chip it on a beer bottle or a tongue ring:)

  2. We know the feeling. Adeline chipped her front tooth about a month before she turned two. We were heart broken. It took about three weeks before we we really got over it. Now I am trying to teach her how to whistle through it.

  3. Hudgi--Yes, least it was not on a beer bottle (we confiscated her beer last we can safely rule that out). Yeah she was definitely a little shaken, poor girl. And yes, she is a beauty--chipped tooth and all. :)

    Col--that makes me feel better to know 1--we're not alone, and 2--I never even noticed it on Addie before--so perhaps Bean's will be unnoticeable as well.

  4. Clearly, she is still cute. Sassy accessories!

  5. I have to admit, this is my worst fear. I talk about it often with Kyle that I'm so afraid Michael's going to chip his front tooth.

    Can't they put a filling on it? Or a replacement? I'm sure the dental school would love the practice.

  6. CM--

    well for a baby they can't just do a normal bonding like they would an adult...because most likely the kid would just knock that off as well. If we wanted to bond it, it would have to be over the entire tooth (as opposed to just attaching it at the end) and since she's pretty young they wouldn't do it until she was a little really, by then I don't think we'll care since she'll loose that tooth eventually.

  7. Look at Margaret H in the ward. She lost her tooth and is as beautiful as ever. It will only add to Beanie's charm. Sassy is a good word for it.

    And I think you're cool no matter what teen books you read. I tried to make it clear that I had just as many if not more frivolous enjoyments and that it was more a fear of becoming obsessed with the books that kept me away. It was mostly my new ward that spurred me into blogging. They read it for their RS book club.

  8. She is still lovely! I know the feeling of a loved one losing some of their tooth. When I was growing up I left my 1 year old bro on the counter of the bathroom for a measly 10 seconds and by the time I came back there was a part of his tooth on the floor and a wailing child waiting for me when I got back (I was 12). I felt miserable. But in time I came to adore that smile just as much, if not more, than the old one.

  9. Ah...I didn't notice yesterday at church, cute as ever in her dress...did you make it? Poor little mama. Ella fell and hit her mouth on a bookshelf at pre-school when she was 23 months and totally jacked up her mouth...her top teeth almost went all the way through her bottom lip and her top tooth chipped as well, she couldn't eat for days...she has a small bond on her front tooth, which she was toatlly still for and it hasn't fallen off yet...crossing fingers! Oh the tradgic events we go through!