This Little Miggy Stayed Home: For Katie: Baby Shoes

Thursday, November 20, 2008

For Katie: Baby Shoes

A while back Katie {my "boyfriends cousin"} asked me about baby/toddler shoes.  I know this is a little late, but here's my response...  

For those baby days {crawling/cruising} you really can't go wrong with Robeez style shoes.  The soft little shoes that refuse to come off.  However, at $25-30 a pop, not the cheapest, so we always opted for the Target knock-off brand at about $12.00 a pair.  Cheaper, still cute, and they still stayed on.  I'm trying to find a pic, but I don't think you can get them online.  Anyway, we usually had 2-3 pair at a time and used them for all occasions.  Now on to shoes to walk in... 

First off--may I suggest taking your child to a children's shoe store and having her feet properly measured.  This made a big difference in buying shoes for Beanie--since I bought the right size (one size bigger than I thought) her shoes lasted a lot longer.  When Beanie was cruising those soft bottom shoes were great, but when she was getting serious about walking that's when she got her first pair of Chuck Taylors from Baby Gap.  Classic look, goes with everything.  I have to say I was a little worried about switching since I hear so much about baby feet needing soft bottomed baby shoes...but she was fine and in fact could walk SO much better once she had a more stable surface below her little tootsies.  Plus the gender neutral brown color will definitely be used again when we have another babe.  She's had a couple pair of these and will definitely have more in the future.  
And then there are the more fun shoe styles.  My mom bought Beanie a pair of hot pink Baby Moc's {below} from Trumpette and let me tell you...Quite the show stopper.  People always noticed and asked about her shoes.  AND being a girl to the core, she loved wearing them.  I was surprised she would have a preference at such a young age, but she did.  I had to hide them when they didn't fit anymore.   Google Trumpette Baby Moc's for dealers

Now we've never owned any Tom's Shoes, but I think they're rather hip and stylish.  And while they're a little more expensive for kids shoes, you'll feel better knowing Tom is one of those do-gooder types...For every pair of shoes purchased they donate a pair of shoes to a child in need.  

Finally there is See Kai Run.  Also not cheap, but very cute and European looking.  Again, Beanie does not own a pair, but I just had to post them.    

Hopefully that helped.  I wanted to post some of the lesser known and fun brands, but in all honestly most of Beanies shoes have come from Old Navy, The Gap and Target--good place for the basics and they also have some really cute/different shoes from time to time like these hot pink boots from The Gap--Beanie's current fav. 
If anyone has any other suggestions please feel free to comment.  


  1. I love Robeez, but they are too much.

    I'm not a fan of the Target ones, I think they feel cheap and they are easier for baby to knock off their feet.

    I discovered Shoe Zoo, they sell through eBay. They also sell the soft-soled shoes, with really cute designs, good quality, and at less than the Target price.

    Ding! We have a winner.

    I feel it's important that a baby and child go barefoot as much as possible so that their foot develops properly. The soft soled shoe is an excellent compromise between nothing and a hard sole.

  2. I have to admit, I bought the Robeez:) I figure, he was just wearing one pair of shoes all the time, so I could get him a snazzy pair:) Now, Graham rocks the Emu shearling boots, which are so warm, really soft (more like a bedroom slipper), and really durable. I knew that these were good since I wear them myself:)
    I also love the Toms shoes, and another great thing has been the Airwalk sneakers from Payless. They are really affordable, and I love those Spicolli slides:)
    Another source for really durable, sporty sneakers for us has been Lands End:) They are pretty darn practical:)

  3. Thank you very much for your most helpful post, Miggy. How convenient for us that your little one has just a few months on ours, so she can follow in Beanie's footsteps (pun!). Although it does look like we need to kick it up a notch in the writing-letters-all-by-myself-in-the-tub department, if we are to keep up. Maybe our little ones will meet someday, when some event brings us together from the extreme opposite sides of the country.

  4. Azucar--Yes I agree that it IS important for a baby's feet to develop in soft soled shoes--I didn't mean to make that sound unimportant, BUT that at some point you have to switch and I was worried about switching too soon.

    Hudgi--You and your robeez. You're so high class. :)

    Katie--Yay! Glad you saw the post and I really can't wait to meet your little one someday. There is a small chance we could end up on your coast soon...we'll see...