This Little Miggy Stayed Home: Dear East Coasters,

Monday, October 06, 2008

Dear East Coasters,

It's mostly likely our last fall in the city.  I'm bummed.  I want to squeeze every last ounce of fall-ness out of this season as possible, so I need some help.  What are your favorite fall activities?  We plan on going apple picking so please let me know which orchard is your favorite?  Besides apple picking I'm sorta at a loss.  Are there any Harvest Festivals around?  Leaf raking competitions?  Pumpkin themed stuff to do?  Help!

Your Pal, 


  1. I love just driving around upstate and stopping in small towns. I've never been antiquing but I would love to. There are tons of antique shops on the road through the gorgeous Catskills to Cooperstown. Or there are tons of other cute churches, shops, small-town museums, so 'n' so slept heres. Woodstock is up there too and very cute. Making your own adventures is often more fun and less stressful than planned activities (although those are fun too!).

  2. That last sentence sounded lecturey - like it was from the Ensign or something. I apologize.

  3. okay. you NEED to go to headless horseman:

    and sleepy hollow pumpkin blaze and apple picking with cider donuts. i miss apple picking


    They've got some stuff here. Haven't tried it, but it looks fun.

  5. Ellen--You're right...I'm just going to check out some of these smaller towns on my own. No need to do everything all "official." And I never thought you sounded Ensign-y. :)

    Liz--Thank you! I think we're going to check out Kid day this saturday.

    Malesa--Good find...will check this out as well.

  6. Pumpkin Festival in Central Park

    Saturday, October 25, 2008

    3:00 p.m.–8:00 p.m.

  7. We are planning on going to hear the story of the headless horseman read at the old Dutch church from the story in Sleepy Hollow. It is read Oct. 24th and 25th. I found the info here: I am really looking forward to that. Also, I hear Cold Spring is pretty nice too. If you don't have a car they are easily accessable by Metro North. The most is about $30/person RT to Sleepy Hollow and probably less for Cold Spring. I think I'm commenting too much. This isn't a typical comment just FYI for any future visits. haha. Have fun!

  8. Feeling. panicked. can't. breathe. don't. go.

    Also I think all those ideas sound really fun.

  9. Kendra--Yes! I just read about that too...glad you mentioned it so now I know it's cool.

    Imt--perfect! Just what I was looking for..

    Andrea--I know...I know. (long sigh.)

  10. You may have already heard of this place....

  11. my personal favorite orchard is Lawrence Farms in in the beautiful Hudson Valley where I grew up... Storm King is also fun. Also check out Lake Minewaska too -- beautiful views and good hiking. Sugar Loaf is also a nice little antique shopping place close to Minewaska.

    You could drive up to Vermont and check out leaves that way... always nice.

    There's a great little Harvest Festival in our 'hood this weekend I think on Saturday.

  12. Harvest Festival at Bennett Park (Ft. Washington) Oct. 18, 1-3 p.m. free, free, fun. (You even get a pumpkin to take home). We went to a place called Pennings Orchard in Warwick, NY. gorgeous drive there and delcious food on the premises, as well as tasty apples. Stew Leonard's has movie nights every Friday night until Hallowenn, 7 p.m. free popcorn, hay rides. Visit the Botanical Gardens, free on Wed. all day, and Sat. before noon. Maybe a lunch bunch field trip. We've done it the past couple of years, so fun! Central Park . . .

  13. I went to the sheep and wool festival 4 years ago and it was really fun and fall-y. And a cool place if you are at all interested in knitting but they also have great knit items to buy. I have been meaning to take my kids up ever since b/c i think it would be fun for them to check out all the yarn producing animals. (llamas, sheep, bunnies etc.) they also have yummy carnival-like food which for me is always a great reason to go somewhere ;)


  14. I know I already posted but in case you don't know about this... Chelsea Market Pumpkin Hall of jack-o-lanterns.



    leaves, apples, pumpkins...

    Or we'll come up :)

    When do you leave???? did I miss something?

  16. Just heard of this. Even though its last minute, who doesn't a scenic drive/train ride to a free Pumpkin/Halloween event? There will also be free cider AND a parade and while the parade is going on there will be a boat that will be floating several of the participants carved and lit = Jack-o-Lanterns up the Hudson River. Get more info from my blog...