This Little Miggy Stayed Home: Conference Week Wrap Up

Friday, October 03, 2008

Conference Week Wrap Up

Friday night...I'm a little late, but here I am.  The last talk I'd like to recommend/highlight is from the humble Joseph B. Wirthlin.  I love this man.  He's an apostle who, I hate to admit, I didn't always pay as much attention to.  But his gentle demeanor, keen insight and playful sense of humor has made him one of my "favorite" apostles to listen to.  

  The talk is entitled 
The Abundant Life (read here).  It starts with an interesting, inspiring  and true story of a ordinary work horse turned champion show horse.  I love the insights given in this talk.  Listen here.  

Thanks for reading.  My Conference Week edition of TLMSH has been a good way for me to prepare and get excited for upcoming messages.  I hope anyone who is interested in tuning in tomorrow and Sunday will do so.  The first session will start at 12:00pm EST and you can stream it live on line from  

Have a great weekend!

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