This Little Miggy Stayed Home: Conference Week Continued

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Conference Week Continued

I wish I had a wacky 50's jingle...something like, 

It's Conference Week, it's Conference Week!
Take off your coat and have a seat! 
Sit right down and listen up because it's Conference Weeeeek!  

So just sing that to yourself before reading and we'll be on the same page.  Ahem...

The next talk I would like to highlight comes to us from Elder Bednar.  I would say this talk has become somewhat a phenomenon in the Mormon world and for good reason.  It is entitled The Tender Mercies of the Lord (listen here).

I have listened to this talk often and have been surprised to uncover new messages and meanings as I continue to listen and ponder his words.  It's a wonderful and uplifting talk and one that will help you feel the love of God in your life and recognize how that love is manifest.  Again, I think this is another talk that will inspire and uplift you no matter your religious background.  Check it out.  You can also read the talk here.    

Conference Weeeeek! Ya!


  1. miggy, i'll be in new york for like three weeks over christmas. i'm sure we will be thrifting a lot (that seems to be the favorite past time with my family). you should come with us. but... in case you want to go before. the best are Port Chester Salvation Army Mount Vernon Salvation Army (in the respective towns). But there are many many more.

  2. elder bednar came to our stake conference earlier this year, and he was awesome. he's such a powerful speaker. hits it right home.

  3. Liz--Definitely I would love to come. We should have a little get together with the Smoots while you're here.

    Amanda--that would be a cool stake conf. with Elder Bednar.

  4. I love this Conference Week Fiesta you've got going on. The jingle was especially wonderful.

    I CANNOT WAIT for Conference this go-around. Never thought I'd be one of those "old, boring adults" who actually sit and listen to every word. But will be like manna from heaven for me.

    We are still coming out next week! (Well, Boston next week, NYC starting Sunday, Oct. 12th. In fact, that very night might be the best for dinner if you are still up for it).