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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Thank You for Being a Friend...

(Warning:  Spoiler alert!)

Rory, Loreli... you served me well.  I miss you already (I wish I were joking).  Many a day while my babe slept--whether at night or during naps-- I have sat watching your lives unfold...the drama, the men, the schools, the friends, the family, the ups....and the downs.  (Sigh)  Now what?  I have to say I was pleased with the ending.  In my book Loreli and Luke belong together.  I wasn't buying her and Chris for a second.  And Rory, I liked her ending too.  I still think Jess was the guy for her and while I liked Logan I knew that whole marriage-straight-out-of-college thing wasn't her gig.  So like I said, I was pleased with the ending... at least I was until I started poking around on the internet and reading how so many fans hated the ending, in large part due to the original creator/write of the show, Amy Sherman-Palladino's exit around season 6...apparently she had different plans for her characters.  She even had the last two lines in her head for years and didn't get to use them.  In short, her baby was taken away from her. So please, now that I know what happened and now that I am well versed in Gilmore-isms what do some of you other fans think of how things ended?  Pleased, disappointed, wanting more?  Also, I read that they filmed the ending before they actually knew the show was officially over...does that change your perception of what happened?  For the Die hard GG fans out there here are some links to some interviews regarding the, here and here.  

Where you lead, I will follow... seriously I'm kinda bummed.  


  1. I was a huge Gilmore Girls fan back in the day. But I couldn't get over Rory sleeping with Dean. It felt so completely out of character to me. Am I the only one? I am definatley a Luke/Lorelai, Rory/Jesse fan. Thanks for the articles, they were interesting.

  2. Yes I had a huge issue with that. But I liked what Lorelai said to her and set her straight. I know it didn't change their relationship, but at least she didn't let Rory think it was OK. It was definitely a low point for me.

  3. I still watch GG all the time. I own all the seasons except the last two. I liked the ending, and was mostly just sad to say goodbye to the characters. But I usually like endings that aren't all nice and neat.