This Little Miggy Stayed Home: Protect Our Children Act

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Protect Our Children Act

If any of you watched Oprah yesterday (and I know some of you did) hopefully you were just as shocked, disgusted and outraged as I was by the topic of online child predators in America.  Honestly it was a difficult show to sit through.  (You can watch a clip of the show here).  Yet I hope that the message was not lost on us, particularly us mothers, that the power to help exploited children across the US in is our hands.  Please contact your senators and let them know you want them to pass Senate Bill 1738--the Protect Our Children Act.  Essentially this act will ensure the government provides adequate funding for law enforcement to pursue these criminals.  According to one law enforcement agent, right now they only have the resources to follow up on 2% of the leads they receive. 

 If you go to this page you can read more information, find out who your senators are, and there's even a letter already written that you can copy and paste in an email and send directly to your senator.  I did this yesterday for both senators and the process took me all of 3 minutes.  

If there is anything worth doing today, this is it.  


  1. thanks, i just did it. since i've done my good deed for the day i think i deserve a nap and some ice cream

  2. Thanks. I just sent the letter too. I got so sick just watching the first few minutes of that clip. I seriously cannot believe it. I hope those people are punished severely for what they are doing and you can only pray for those poor kids. I feel so yucky just knowing those kinds of people are out there harming their own children.

  3. Thank you so much for your post on the show. I didn't see it, and I'm really grateful to know about the issue. I was slightly weirded out because, shouldn't this be obvious? Why wouldn't the senators vote for this no problem. I just did a little research by googling the bill, and I found this article which I think will help people write more informed letters to their senators:

    this article is good because it also talks about why some senators have issues with the bill, and other proposed bills. I think Oprah is doing an awesome/necessary thing.

  4. Emily--Thanks for the info. I was wondering the same thing myself. Interesting...even when it's not political, it's still political.

  5. thank you for your posts. i love your blog. I'm teaching freshman writing and part of the requirement is to start a blog. Yours is an example, I hope you don't mind.