This Little Miggy Stayed Home: Oh Shoot!

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Oh Shoot!

Little Bean is starting to imitate us more and more which of course prompts the common response, "Now you really have to watch what you say."  One phrase she has picked up on is "Oh shoot!"  I've heard from many mom friends about not wanting their kids to learn these common (yet totally innocent in my book) expletives (darn it, shoot, dang, oh geeze...) and I didn't get it then, and now that I'm a parent I still don't get it!   B was also worried about her saying "Oh shoot!" but I'm totally puzzled as to why.  I certainly can understand this concern with actual, genuine swear words, but with words that aren't swear words?  I know some of you think "Well they're a substitute for real swear words."  I don't buy that.  When you stub your toe, or dropped something it's just human nature to express your frustration in verbal form--yes there are swear words to use but there are also non-swear words and I believe they have a purpose all their own.  Just think about other swear words (and then sing a hymn to get it out of your mind) and their non-swear words counterpart--they are 2 separate things! Also she's not saying oh shoot on her own, but just imitating us for a few minutes afterward...but even if she was saying on her own I wouldn't care.     

So while I agree that I need to watch what I say in a more general sense, I'm not worried about the darns, shoots, and dangs in my little one's vocabulary.  If you disagree please enlighten me as to why?  


  1. I completely agree with you! My only problem is that when Shannon says "oh my gosh!" it sounds like she is blaspheming. I have since started saying "oh my word" instead. They do repeat everything you say, though, and you don't even realize that you say something so much until you hear it come out of their mouths!

  2. Anonymous10:05 PM

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks that "but they're just substitutes for the real words" is frickin' bullshiz.

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  5. I agree, they have their own place but I do have an experience with one substitute that I used to say and have never said since.

    I went through a phase in around fifth grade that I said Oh Geez a lot and my Mom finally told me to stop saying that because it was short for Jesus. Now every time I hear someone say that I think of Jesus.

    I don't care about darn and shoot, but that one gets me for some reason. At that age I was so stunned and embarrassed that it apparently had a big impact on me.

    I also cracked my knuckles a lot in fifth grade and every time I would do it my mom would lift her hands up in a gnarled position, hinting that it would be hands when I was older.

    I stopped.

    Mom was powerful.

  6. The little lady picked up "oh shoot" from me when we were driving and I missed a turn. Her's came out "oh sh!!!t." My sister and I were busting up but trying not to give her attention. I realized the girl was growing into a parrot way faster than I expected.