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Saturday, September 20, 2008

More Gilmore

We are on the last season of Gilmore Girls.  It's the end of an era really.  That era being "the time I watched Gilmore Girls on DVD, seasons 1 through 7."  I'm eager to see how this all wraps up and sad to say good bye at the same time.  Did you know T.V. friends can have the same benefits as real life friends?  It's true.  It's been a crazy ride and I think it will be good to have a little breather once GG is officially over.  (I might even pick me up a book!)  I know it's been officially over for a while, but I mean over for's my blog and it's all about me, me, ME!  

*Thanks to my friend Azucar for sending me the t-shirt.  I couldn't have gotten through seasons 5 and 6 without it.  

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  1. Hi,

    I found your blog from a friend of a friend and was excited to see it. Bracken was a good friend of mine from high school, but I have lost touch with him for several years. Please tell him LLRSOB said hello. I would love to link you to my blog, it is private, so if you e-mail me at, I will send you a link. Darling family by the way!