This Little Miggy Stayed Home: Mangosteen

Thursday, September 04, 2008


This is mangosteen.  It is a delicious fruit found predominately in Southeast Asia.  The juicy white fruit is surrounded by a spongy purple skin and it is divine.  I'm quite certain it is the white fruit from the Tree of Life spoken of in Lehi's dream.  At least that's one theory.  The last time {only time} I had mangosteen was on my travels to Malaysia and Thailand many years ago.  

Imagine my delight when I saw, and subsequently purchased, freeze dried mangosteen from Trader Joes today!  It's not quite the same, but delish none the less.  {ps, Bea if you're reading this I don't have your number and therefore didn't call you to go.  We'll remedy that prob. at church on Sunday}.  If you've never had the real fruit then you might not be too impressed, but if you've indulged before and wish to experience the tropic wonder again....please, do yourself a favor and go buy a bag.  {Broek, Care....I'm talking to you}.  


  1. Oh I've got to introduce you to my friend that sells Mangosteen juice. She swears by the stuff. After reading this, I feel compelled to try it, too.

  2. Amy! I love mangosteen. There is an Asian market in Utah that you can purchase them, but they only have them once a year, but they are divine! Now I'm wishing we had a Trader Joes!!