This Little Miggy Stayed Home: Call for Fabric

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Call for Fabric

Hey.  So I went to Ikea tonight to purchase the above fabric and it was gone.  I really, really wanted this fabric {6 yards to be precise}.  So I want to ask a gigantic favor of you--yes YOU--if you're going to an Ikea soon and see this fabric will you grab 6 yards for me?  I'm serious.  Of course I'll pay you back and the cost of shipping, and maybe even some homemade cookies for your trouble.  Ya I'm good that way.  Thanks.   

*UPADATE*  I found it.  Nevermind.  


  1. I am going to IKEA next week and will look for it! Anything else? Is this for one of your cute tents?

  2. Stacey--That would be great...but if you're going to the Ikea in Paramus (which is where I went) I'm guessing they still won't have any. But I appreciate you checking.

  3. Anonymous4:48 PM

    I will go to the IKEA near me if they have it...let me know what the fabric description is and I'll call to find out if they have it first.

  4. Crombie--

    Thanks! The problem is that this fabric comes in a series of about 5 fabrics and the entire series shares 1 name, and from what I understand 1 product number. So the product name is Inger, but all 5 fabrics have the same you still have to describe the fabric individually...does that make sense?

  5. Inger is my mother in law's name. how cute that they have a fabric with her name.