This Little Miggy Stayed Home: Auction for Nie

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Auction for Nie

As previously mentioned Stephanie Nielson (of Nie Nie's Dialogues) and her husband Christian were in a terrible plane crash a couple weeks ago. You can read about it on Cjane's blog. If you've ever read NieNie's blog you know she's a wonderful mother to 4 beautiful children and a devoted and doting wife to Christian. They really seem to exude a love and zest for life that not everyone has. She is an inspiration to many, many people.

As it stands they are still in critical condition with 3rd degree burns and months of rehabilitation ahead. From what I can gather, they're still under pretty heavy sedation..I wonder if they're even aware of what happened? I really don't know. Many people have rallied around to lend support in a number of ways--prayer, donations, cards, words of support and encouragement, balloon launchings, etc. Whether or not she's currently aware of what's happened to her and her husband, I think it will be such a wonderful surprise when one day they are able to read all the letters and comments, watch the video's and see all the blogs that rallied around to show love and support on their behalf. We should all be so lucky! It's been amazing to watch people in the blogosphere come together and show love and encouragement in various ways--especially when many only know the Nielson's through NieNie's blog.

Not wanting to be left out of all the action I've decided to participate as well. One of my favorite bloggers, Gabrielle Blair of Design Mom, is hosting a silent auction on her blog in honor of Nie. She will donate the proceeds to the Neilson recovery fund. She also asked for participation from other fellow bloggers who have goods to donate to also hold a silent auction--so that's what I'm doing..Ta-da! My very first silent auction. I'm so excited. Here's the low-down. I will auction off one of the purses below (winner gets to choose). The bidding will start at $10.00, with dollar increments please (no $10.05 bids here!). Place all bids in the comment section. Bidding will officially end Friday evening at 9:00pm EST. I will have the winner pay through my etsy shop via paypal--that way I can send the funds directly to Nie's paypal account. (I will cover cost of shipping).

Remember this is for a great cause so spread the word! And be sure to check out Design Mom for a complete list of all participating auctions.


  1. Bidding should start higher for one of those bags! Put me down for $20.

  2. So darling! $35

  3. That's right, let's keep this thing going. $50

  4. Oh my goodness! I'm stoked!!!

    Like Leslie said, let's keep going!

  5. All right, let's take this to $65.

  6. And STOP! We have a winner!!!!